Intel Hades Canyon NUC To Finally Get New Graphics Driver Update From AMD

If you own an Intel Hades Canyon Next Unit of Computing (NUC), you’ve probably had a long wait on your hands when it comes to a certain driver update. Hades Canyon NUC has been waiting for about a year for the new Kaby Lake G driver update and we’ve finally heard word that an update is now available, with a little help from AMD.

Why Have Intel Hades Canyon NUC Users Been Waiting So Long?

The story behind Intel’s Hades Canyon has been a bit of a weird one. The Kaby Lake G chip came with AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics but Intel has since abandoned this partnership with AMD. This is probably due to them having their own integrated Xe graphics solution for NUCs.

Hades Canyon NUCs were first released in 2017 but up until now, they have not received a Vega graphics driver update for the past year. Intel had promised to provide driver updates for five years, but this situation is a bit tricky. 

Where Is This New Driver Coming From?

Now, one year later, users can finally update their drivers. However, the driver update won’t be an Intel one. Instead, Intel has allowed users to access AMD’s driver updates. 

Interestingly, the driver updates page on Intel’s website links back to the RX Vega 64 driver page on AMD’s website.

What Will The New Driver Fix?

As this driver comes from AMD, users will get access to their new Adrenalin 2020 driver which will cover a range of different bug fixes and should lead to better performance, particularly when you’re running modern games. If you’ve been struggling to play Gears 5 without it crashing, you’ll be happy to know that this should be fixed by the new driver update.

If you’re a Hades Canyon NUC user, it’s probably been a frustrating wait. However, hopefully, this new driver from AMD should help you stay up and running smoothly from now on.