Intel’s Next-Gen 7nm Xe Graphics Card Not Due Until 2022

We already know that Intel is working on the next generation of Xe graphics cards based on TSMC’s 7nm technology

It looks like this lineup will act as a follow on from DG1, which means they will be second-generation GPUs rather than a higher-end model. 

However, for those hoping for a release date any time soon, you’re about to be disappointed. It’s looking like Intel won’t have these graphics cards ready for release until 2022. 

Up until very recently, we haven’t heard much in the way of updates or rumors regarding the DG2 since July last year. In the leak last summer, DG2 codenames were revealed and seemed to show that three graphics cards would be able to use 128, 256 and 512 EUs.

What Did The Recent Leak Say?

However, recent rumors from AdoredTV indicated that not only would Intel would be using TSMC’s 7nm process – but it also won’t be made available until 2022. 

Why Intel is using TSMC for its 7nm architecture is a big source of debate right now. AdoredTV suggests that it could be due to Intel using its own 7nm to solely focus on CPUs instead. Others say it’s a case of cost-effectiveness.

Either way, this news plus the rumor that it won’t be here for another two years is raising the concern that it will be behind the times when it comes out. This is especially so when compared to offerings from AMD and Nvidia who already use 7nm for their current graphics cards.

However, as all of this is just rumor and speculation right now, we can’t say anything for certain. The release date and TSMC’s involvement is still subject to a rumor right now, which has no official confirmation from Intel.

Of course, the moment we hear more or confirmation from Intel, we will be sure to keep you updated.