Intel And Nvidia’s Next Generation Chipsets Due To Release On April 2nd

The expected new generation of Intel and Nvidia chips for this year finally has a release date. Both Intel and Nvidia are set to announce their new chips for laptops for April 2nd and they say they will be available for purchase from next month onwards.

What Has Intel Got Planned?

Intel updated its laptop processors last year to the 14nm Comet Lake U and 10nm Ice Lake chips. However, Intel’s Comet Lake H CPUs will now be the main hardware on offer in Intel laptops this year. 

Intel’s chips will come in several versions including the Core i5 with four processing cores, the Core i7 with six processing cores and the Core i9 with eight processing cores.

The Core i9 10980HK version will be the top performer of the lineup featuring eight cores and 16 processing threads that reach 5.3 GHz. 

These cores will have hyperthreading enabled and will offer double the threads with their TDP expected to be 45 watts. 

What Has Nvidia Got Planned?

Nvidia has been trying to update its mobile graphics line with Super variants of the current Turing architecture found in the RTX and GTX series. 

Nvidia’s mobile-based Super processors should bring about a significant performance boost over standard mobile chips. Nvidia seems to be targeting its new line of laptop chips at gamers and gaming laptops. 

Two Companies With Different Focuses

While both Intel and Nvidia are producing high-powered chips, they are both taking a slightly different approach toward mobile devices. 

Intel has been focusing on light and convertible 2-in-1 laptops with good battery life. Interestingly, it’s looking like Nvidia wants to move away from their Max-Q designs which focused on the thinness of the laptop and low power consumption for better portability. 

This could mean that Intel will be better suited to those looking for devices primarily suited for work whereas Nvidia will lead the way with gaming-focused laptops. 

Given that we’re in uncertain times at the moment with the COVID-19, it’s good to see that Intel and Nvidia haven’t delayed this anticipated series of chips for laptops. 

With a release date coming up soon, if you’ve been considering a new laptop purchase, you might want to hold off for a couple of weeks to get your hands on one of these powerful processors from Intel or Nvidia.