Intel Tiger Lake CPU Details Leaked

Intel Tiger Lake CPU Details Leaked

We’ve recently seen a leak that reveals details about Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake architecture. This will be the successor to their current 10nm Ice Lake architecture.

Not a lot is known about these processors so far, besides the fact that they will be designed for ultra-thin and ultra low power uses.

What Do We Know About Tiger Lake CPUs So Far?

The configurations on Tiger Lake System on the Chips (SoCs) will include TDP from 9 to 28  W, depending on the version. This is fairly similar to what we’ve seen previously with Intel’s Ice Lake SoCs. These were available in 9 W and 15 W variants with a configurable TDP of up to 28 W. So, it will be interesting to see something similar with Tiger Lake processors.

Tiger Lake will also be made available in a 4+2 design. This means there will be 4 cores and 2 slices of Gen 12 iGPU.

According to another leak from NotebookCheck, Tiger Lake will feature up to 768 Shading Units which would put these chips up against AMD’s Renoir with Enhanced Vega in their SoCs.

Tiger Lake Xe Graphics Performance

According to the leak, Intel’s Tiger Lake Xe graphics will be up to 2X faster than Ice Lake. They will also benefit from 4X better performance than Generation 9 chips. This information seems to correspond with other leaks we’ve seen over Tiger Lake so we wouldn't be surprised if it’s accurate.

According to a leak last month, it looks like Intel’s Tiger Lake Core i7-1085G7 has a clock speed of 3 GHz and a Time Spy benchmark score of 1,414. A CPU score of 2,922 and a graphics score of 1,296 could put it up against AMD’s Ryzen 4800U in the market. Leaked benchmarks showed that the Intel CPU was 5% faster than the AMD one.

That being said, as all of this is the subject of a leak, it’s best not to put too much stock in the information revealed.

If we hear any more information, confirmation, or leaks, we will keep you updated on all the Tiger Lake news here.