Intel’s Tiger Lake Laptop Processor Spotted In Online Benchmark

We’re already starting to see bits and pieces about Intel’s next series of laptop processors in online benchmarks. It appears that this CPU will be a fair step up from its Ice Lake predecessor and could boost performance considerably.

What Do The Benchmarks Show?

These benchmarks were spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user Rogame who has also spotted this CPU in past benchmarks. This CPU appears to be the Intel Core i7-1165G7 but this hasn’t been confirmed. The base clock is listed as 2.8 GHz which is a significant step up from the 2.3 GHz of its closest Ice Lake processor, the i7-1068NG7.

It also looks like the boost clock is pretty much the same as the base clock for this processor which points towards this being a chip in the very early stages of development. It could also be likely that these specifications aren’t final and both the base and boost clock speeds could rise in the final product.

This isn’t the first benchmark that we’ve seen for this line of processors though, as we mentioned earlier, Rogame had leaked a Tiger Lake chip previously but this one had a base clock of 3 GHz. This could be another early engineering sample or even a sign that we could maybe see these Tiger Lake-U processors sooner than we thought.

What’s The Likely Drop Date For Tiger Lake-U?

The good news is that Intel has stated in the past that it expects to start shipping out these CPUs during the middle part of 2020. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see these laptops any time soon.

We do usually see leaks of laptops housing these new processors crop up around the same time as the processors are shipped out, but with the current global climate, there could be a few delays until we see these.

Intel will be hoping that these mobile processors match up to the competition in 2020. With AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series looking very impressive, Intel will want to keep a hold of the mobile market it currently dominates.

If we hear any more updates or release dates for Tiger Lake processors, we will keep you in the loop.