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Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU primed to change entry-level gaming

Updated: May 10, 2023 9:07 am
Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU primed to change entry-level gaming

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Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU primed to change entry-level gaming: Intel is gearing up to release its 14th generation of CPUs later this year, according to Intel’s own roadmap and a few rumors. Despite everything that’s going on with Intel at the moment, regarding poor sales and employee layoffs, it seems there’s some good news among the bad. Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU looks impressive.

We take a particular shine to iGPUs because they have begun to push the boundaries in entry-level gaming, sooner or later, you’re not going to need a GPU at all to get decent 1080p gameplay. Whilst we’re not quite there yet, Meteor Lake’s iGPU serves as an example that we’re not too far off.

Intel Meteor Lake iGPU

The leak comes to us today from Moore’s Law is Dead, who else? Moore’s Law detailed in the video above, that the high-end Meteor Lake Xe GPU, containing 128 Execution Units should blow away the mobile GPU competition.

This iGPU should have performance on par with a GTX 1650, or a laptop 3050, which would be a massive win for Intel. However, there’s one thing that Intel has to get right, and that’s battery life.

If Intel can provide a full or nearly a full day of play on one charge, then that’s something that will be incredibly desirable to the industry. Dedicated GPUs are power hogs, if Intel manages to play on that, we could see iGPUs replacing GPUs in laptops completely in the near future.

Competition on the Horizon

However, Intel is not the only player in the game. Nvidia, renowned for its graphics prowess, has already introduced the RTX 4050 laptop GPU, which offers even greater speed and performance, but at the expense of larger power consumption.

Additionally, AMD is set to unleash its RDNA 3-based Radeon 7000M GPUs, adding another formidable contender to the field. With these competitors vying for dominance, Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU must prove its mettle to stand out among the crowd.

Challenges from Discrete GPUs and APUs

Meteor Lake’s competition extends beyond discrete GPUs. AMD’s Zen 4 processors, coupled with RDNA 3-powered Phoenix APUs, present a strong challenge.

Of particular interest is the Ryzen 7 7840U, equipped with eight cores and sixteen threads, alongside the Radeon 780M graphics boasting twelve compute units.

However, even a more powerful 16 compute unit APU codenamed Strix Point could face difficulties when confronted by the high-end Meteor Lake iGPU Says Moore’s law.

The fierce competition between Intel and AMD in this domain fosters an environment where innovation thrives, and this is the best thing for the consumer.

The Hidden Weapon: Level 4 Cache

Intel may possess a hidden weapon in its quest for iGPU supremacy. Integrated graphics heavily rely on system memory access, making memory bandwidth a crucial factor.

Here, the inclusion of an integrated Level 4 (L4) cache could prove instrumental in delivering a substantial boost to the performance of Meteor Lake’s integrated graphics. By ensuring ample memory bandwidth, Intel aims to elevate the gaming experience and push the boundaries of what integrated graphics can achieve.

Tempering Expectations and Looking Ahead

While the prospects of Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU appear promising, it is essential to approach the available information with some skepticism.

The official launch of Meteor Lake is still several months away, and as with any pre-release information, caution should be exercised. Nonetheless, the impending release of Meteor Lake, coupled with the fierce competition among Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Apple, promises a significant upheaval in the laptop market towards the end in 2024.

Mobile users can eagerly anticipate a plethora of options that combine high performance, extended battery life, and impressive gaming capabilities.

Final Word

Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU has the potential to revolutionize the laptop graphics landscape. If it can achieve parity with dedicated graphics cards while excelling in battery life, Intel is gearing up for success.

However, competition from Nvidia and AMD, as well as the need to deliver on the promises of improved graphics performance, should not be overlooked. With the inclusion of a Level 4 cache, Intel seeks to gain an edge and bolster integrated graphics capabilities.

As the launch of Meteor Lake draws nearer, consumers and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly await the arrival of this highly anticipated offering, which promises to reshape the future of mobile computing.

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