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iOS 16.6 release date window prediction: the next iOS update

When does iOS 16.6 come out? When will iOS 16.6 release?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023 10:59 am
iOS 16.6 release date window prediction: the next iOS update

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The full iOS 16.6 release date isn’t currently known, though by looking at historical data, we’ve come up with a decent estimate based on what we do know, which suggests a full iOS 16.6 release date at some point in July 2023.

We’ve already seen the first five betas appearing for this version of the iPhone operating system, and these are available now for download if you sign up to the Apple beta software program. Read on for all the details!

iOS 16.6 Beta release date

At the time of writing, the fifth iOS 16.6 beta release date has come to pass and it could be that this is the last one we’ll see. iOS 15.6 only had five betas before two release candidates came out, followed by the full release.

Usually the first developer Beta of a new iOS version releases the day after the release of the final, public, stable version of the preceding iOS, and this time round was no exception (landing on May 19th). iOS 16.6 Beta 2, landed on the 31st of May, 2023, which is the same date as the release of the equivalent iOS 15.6 beta releases the previous year, iOS 16.6 Beta 3 came out a day later than expected, on the 15th June, and iOS 16.6 beta 4 landed a day earlier than we thought it would, on June 27th, 2023. iOS 16.6 beta 5 was released five days later than our prediction, on the 10th July, marking a break from the previous pattern.

It could be then that we next see an iOS 16.6 beta 6 or the first of the release candidates – either should be imminent.

iOS 16.6 release date window estimate

We had predicted that the full iOS 16.6 release date would be at some point in mid-July, specifically around the 20th July, given this is the date of the final iOS 15.6 release the year before. If we take a look at our iOS version history page, you can see that the iOS 15 version release dates have matched up pretty closely with the dates of the iOS 16 releases so far – betas and full versions both included.

That being said, Beta 5 arrived later than expected as mentioned above, so it could be that the full iOS 16.6 release has also been pushed back. Either way, we expect to see the iOS 16.6 release date land at some point between the 20th – 31st July, 2023, but this remains to be seen.

iOS 16.6 features (known & predicted)

We have a good idea what features will be included in iOS 16.6 now from the many betas. This will not be a feature-rich update, with most of the changes being very minor and constituting modem updates, security improvements, subtle cosmetic changes, text changes, and animation differences. Bigger changes include the addition of Chat GPT for US users and two-factor verification for the Home app.

The biggest addition above all was the much awaited iMessage Contact Key Verification: a security features that limits the ability of unrecognized devices from intercepting your iMessages, and is particularly of use for journalists, politicians, and others who might be prone to hacks. However, despite being added in iOS 16.6 beta 1, it was removed again in beta 2, and has yet to return. Yo ucan read more about all these features in the iOS 16.6 release notes.

One feature we thought we might see as an outside chance, but which is now very unlikely is the Apple Music Classical app. Since its acquisition of Primephonic in 2021, Apple has planned to release a classical music app, but nothing has yet appeared. It’s probable that this will come in iOS 17 now, but you never know!

iOS 16.6 release date FAQs

Has iOS 16.6 been released yet?

iOS 16.6 has not yet been released, though we believe it to be coming out very soon (read within for the latest estimates).

What’s new in iOS 16.6?

Based on the beta releases, most of the features that will be included in iOS 16.6 are pretty minor. The biggest change came when the first beta included iMessage Contact Key Verification, though this was removed in beta 2 and we’re unsure if it will make an appearance in the full release.

Rumors about the potential inclusion of a new Apple Music Classical app appear unfounded.

When is the next iOS update 2023? iOS 16.6 release date : Final Word

Hopefully you now have a better idea of the likely iOS 16.6 release date and features. We’ll be updating this page with all the latest info as it comes out, so keep checking back. Do also take a look at our various other Apple, phone, and Android pages to make sure you’re fully informed.

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