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Is a new Counter-Strike coming? CS:GO 2 rumors fueled by NVIDIA update

Another mention of Source 2, or maybe even CS:GO 2?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023 5:06 pm
Is a new Counter-Strike coming? CS:GO 2 rumors fueled by NVIDIA update

A new day brings a new clue regarding CSGO 2, or Source 2 for CSGO. Whether or not this is simply a false alarm, or actually something meaningful, is an important question to answer. Either way, we’re going to try and find out as much as possible so we can make a somewhat conclusive report on the future of CSGO. A new game profile within the NVIDIA Control Panel has sparked interest.


Counter-Strike has been at the forefront of PC gaming for as long as many of us can remember, especially for first person shooters. CSGO alone has been going strong for over a decade now. The idea of a CSGO 2 is exciting, though we’ll be just as happy with a port to the Source 2 engine.

Is there a new Counter-Strike coming?

Well, this is all down to speculation right now. There certainly seems to be something brewing though. It almost feels strange to imagine a sequel to CSGO right now, or even just a new title in the series, since CSGO is still going strong. The reason that this has been brought up again is that two new executables have been uncovered by an NVIDIA Driver update:

  • csgos2.exe
  • cs2.exe

These are listed under the Game Profile ‘Counter-strike 2’. It definitely sounds like a real development – though Counter-Strike developers Valve tend not to give much away themselves.

Source 2 for CS:GO

Although ‘Counter-strike 2’ certainly sounds like a sequel, pay closer attention to one of the executables, ‘csgos2.exe’. This could also refer to CSGO Source 2 – a newer version of the game engine that CSGO currently runs on, Source.

Dota 2 was ported to Source 2 long ago, with many still waiting for CSGO to receive the same treatment. This new discovery may be putting us one step closer to that reality. Valve’s impressive VR title Half-Life: Alyx also runs on Source 2.

counter strike 2 nvidia rumor
Mention of new executables sighted (source: aquaismissing on Twitter)

NVIDIA Driver update game profile

So, here’s the reason why we’ve gotten this fresh speculation for CSGO Source 2, CSGO 2, or another form of Counter-Strike sequel.

The latest NVIDIA Drivers have revealed support for a currently unknown app called ‘Counter-strike 2’. As we discussed, this game profile features two new executables. It appears as if this was added some time during February, and can be accessed by unticking the ‘show only programs found on this computer’ box.

nvidia 3d settings csgos2
‘Counter-strike 2’ within the NVIDIA Control Panel 3D settings (source: gabefollower on Twitter)

No matter how this development turns out, we’re excited to here more news on the future of Counter-Strike.

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