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Is Cyber Monday as good as Black Friday?

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday, it's more or less the same

Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:33 pm
Is Cyber Monday as good as Black Friday?

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Black Friday is now behind us, if you blinked you missed it. Don’t worry though, every year, Cyber Monday often brings in similar or the exact same deals back to the table.

What discounts we get to see on Monday usually depends on the retailer, for example, Best Buy has been running Black Friday deals since the start of November and they will likely keep going on for a while yet.

Other retailers, such as Amazon, switch deals on and off on the day. The biggest surprise in 2024 so far was Amazon going live with some decent deals the day before. In fact, even more, surprising is the fact Amazon has already gone live with some Cyber Monday deals too, giving shoppers a full weekend to really sift through and grab the perfect bargain.

If we were to look at historic deals, we feel that Black Friday would come out on top of that conversation, however, recently Cyber Monday has been as bountiful, if not more.

Are there better deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

We primarily look through electronic deals here at WePC, Monitors, TVs, Gaming PCs, Laptops, etc and we often find there are good deals on both days.

This year, Major retailers went live early and the deals are running all the way through the weekend right into Cyber Monday. This gives us all more time to A. get paid and B. find the perfect deal.

We have been populating several of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages over the last week or so and have found the pricing to be very lucrative. We won’t bother comparing this year to last, there is no comparison, 2023 has some amazing tech deals across many categories.

You may have heard the rumors that manufacturers over-produced and retailers overstocked this year in response to the disaster in 2024. If this is true, we may see even better deals on Cyber Monday this year that could continue right the way up to Christmas.

I’ve missed Black Friday, KEVIN!

Stop panicking, Kevin is fine.

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We have many guides covering a wide selection of product categories, so get the tea on, sit back and start ticking off that Christmas list.

Where is best to get Cyber Monday deals 2023?

It is no secret that the likes of Amazon and Best Buy regularly have deals throughout the year, so we would say they are always a great place to start.

Who else? If for whatever reason you couldn’t find your next television, you may want to spread your search out to Samsung directCrutchfield, or if in the UK, Currys.

Now we are at Cyber Monday, all of the above will start to lower prices on select electronics, which in some cases may be locked all the way till the end of December itself.

Cyber Monday Vs Black Friday: final verdict

The main thing to know is that you will see the odd different products go on sale on Cyber Monday, so even if you did quite well during Black Frida, it is probably worth another look.

As previously mentioned, the deals are mostly the same across multiple retailers and brands.

Big ticket items are the headline act on Cyber Monday and this year looks to be the best time to shop in the last three years.

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