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Is Dying Light Worth Playing in 2022?

With the upcoming Dying Light 2 is it worth to playing or re-playing the original Dying Light from 2015?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 11:19 am
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It depends on your perspective, but it is a game definitely worth experiencing, especially if you have never played it before. It is not needed in the case of the story of the game. Dying Light 2 is set 20 years after the events from the first game and it introduces a brand-new environment with a lot of new characters.

There are definitely going to be some little things that veteran Dying Light players will notice, but it is not going to be anything big so there is no need on catching up with the first Dying Light just for the story before the release of Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2021.

However, if you have never played Dying Light from 2015, then it is worth playing mostly for its gameplay. The story like mentioned before is pretty decent but not necessary. If you missed the game when it was released 7 years ago it is a good idea to catch up mainly due to the great gameplay that it introduces and will be expanded upon in the sequel.

You get to kill zombies in a very satisfying way while traversing through the maps with a very well-designed parkour skills. The game aged very well and does not look bad at all. Only a little bit dated.

I personally just beat the game once more, just to remind myself how fun it was 7 years ago, and it still plays great. Some of the mechanics could be a little more precise, but these days the game tends to be on a lot of sales with all the DLCs in Dying Light Platinum Edition. In addition to that there is still a new event in the game that lasts till January 28, 2021, and it is called Dying Light – Spike’s Story: Last Call.

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