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Is FIFA 22 FUT down? – Players reporting problems

It's looking like a bad night for internet gaming all round

Updated: Jan 30, 2022 7:24 pm
Is FIFA 22 FUT down? – Players reporting problems

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We have had reports tonight with people struggling with both Sea of Thieves and generally with Xbox Live but now the news is reaching us that FIFA 22 is also having issues, at least for some players.

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Is FUT 22 down?

For some, accessing the FIFA servers to dabble with their FIFA Ultimate team is throwing up the following error, before kicking them back to the main menu. We are keeping an eye on this one as we aren’t sure how wide-reaching it is, but if you are seeing this error, at least you know you are not alone, especially as we have just replicated it here too.

At least FIFA 22 isn’t in the middle of a massive day-long event like Sea of Thieves is, but it is still pretty annoying if you can’t get into the servers to play the games you need to get through.

We will update this story if it becomes an issue over the course of the next few hours.

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