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Is Minecraft Legends Open World?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023 4:33 pm
Is Minecraft Legends Open World?

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The original Minecraft is an open world game through and through, so fans are wondering is Minecraft Legends open world or not? Since every other Minecraft spin off that has come out has limited the freedom of players in some way when it comes to roaming the world. Because of this, many players might be wondering whether Minecraft Legends is an open world game.

Well, we’ll be answering this question in depth, so if you’re one of the players wondering if Minecraft Legends is an open world game, you just need to read on.

Does Minecraft Legends Have A Full Open World?

Getting right into it, does Minecraft Legends have an open world? Yes, it does. After all, Mojang had described the world of Minecraft Legends as ‘a vivid open world filled with treasures and perils’, and that’s exactly what they delivered.

As a matter of fact, not only does Minecraft Legends have a fully open world, but the open world also serves as a crutch to the gameplay style Mojang has been going for with this game. With such an expansive world, players are able to fight enemies, craft bases, look for items, and do so much more with an increased sense of adventure and exploration all the while following along the map icons.

There are some things to keep in mind about the open world of Minecraft Legends, however. The first thing is that although the game has a completely open world available for you to travel as much as you want, every world is procedurally generated. Not only does this mean no two experiences will ever be the same, but it also means that you events and places you come across in one experience might not exist in another. Another thing is that the game features old as well as new biomes that players will be able to explore on their trusty mounts.

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