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Is Spotify down? Global outage affects millions

Is Spotify down? Let's find out.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023 1:54 pm
Is Spotify down? Global outage affects millions

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It seems that Spotify is down, yet again – this time with reports suggesting a global outage that has forums in uproar.

The popular streaming service is one of the globe’s most widely used music applications, however, right now, you won’t be able to do anything as it’s firmly unavailable.

We aren’t 100% sure on the reason for this, however, SpotifyStatus on Twitter does confirm that an issue is being looked into.

Is Spotify down, latest reports:
Spotify is still down, however, some users can now access playlists. Albums and artist profiles still unavailable.

Is Spotify down?

Yes, as of around 12pm GMT, the global music streaming service, Spotify, is down – with reports suggesting a global outage.

Many are already jumping to Twitter posting their favourite memes, however, the Twitter post we’re most interested in is from Spotify Status.

As you can see from the post above, an issue is being looked into based off the back of hundreds – if not thousands – of Spotify fans flooding to Twitter to voice their annoyance.

In reply, many are stating that “I can’t search for any music” and “Something went wrong” images – displaying the application being down.

Spotify Status posted that Tweet around 10 minutes ago, so it’ll be interesting to see how long Spotify is Down for. As always, we’ll keep this article bang up to date with all the latest news on the matter, ensuring you get back up to speed as quickly as possible.

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