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Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4?

Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4? Let's see

Updated: Jan 25, 2023 2:51 pm
Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4?

Is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4? Well, it probably is, but it’s going to be a more complex and convoluted process than using the DualSense Edge on PC.

This, unfortunately, is due to the inherent hardware differences between the PS4 and the PS5. There’s also the concern of the variable resistance triggers that are the USP of the DualSense.

The DualSense Edge connects to a PS5 via Bluetooth or USB-Type-C. Despite these simple and ubiquitous protocols, the PS5 DualSense Edge still doesn’t work with the PS4, unless you’re using the remote play function.

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Will the DualSense Edge work on PS4?

Unfortunately, as the DualSense Edge works in the same way as the normal DualSense controller, we can’t see it working either.

As annoying as it is, it makes sense. Sony won’t allocate resources to solve a problem that they don’t see as a priority.

Additionally, making the excellent DualSense and DualSense edge exclusive to PS5 means that there is more incentive to upgrade away from the PS4. Luckily for you dear reader, there are alternatives.

Best PS4 DualSense Edge alternative: SCUF Impact Pro

The idea of a ‘Pro’ controller isn’t anything new. 3rd party controllers with extra paddles have been around for a while, with SCUF being our favorite.

We actually covered the SCUF Instinct Pro Wireless performance controller last year, and were really impressed, though, the price might be a turn off for some.

SCUF Instinct Pro controller

scuf instinct


Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC




Standard Xbox layout +4 programmable paddles


Bluetooth, USB Type-C


USB-C, extension port, 3.5mm stereo headset jack

Wireless range

Up to 12m/45 feet

Luckily, SCUF makes their controllers for all platforms, with the IMPACT PRO being their PS4 version. It might lack some of the more specialized features of the DualSense Edge, like the hot-swap analog sticks.

However, if all you need is the additional paddles for faster inputs, then SCUF has the best solution. Unfortunately, Sony never made a Pro controller variant for the PS4, and almost certainly never will.

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