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Is the Meta Quest 3 worth it over the 2 or Pro?

Deciding between the lot, which should you go for?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023 6:25 pm
Is the Meta Quest 3 worth it over the 2 or Pro?

Now with quite a range of models available, you’ll need some thought as to which to go for. We see the Meta Quest 3 the option and worth it over the 2 and Pro. As each of these is aimed at different customers and so having to decide which one is for you might take some consideration.

The Meta Quest 3 release date is set for some time in Fall 2023, so we don’t have the full release of the specs and full information. But we do get the price and expected performance over the Meta Quest 2. We already know how to 2 vs Pro compare and it’s hard to recommend that much higher-priced headset, so what about the new one?

Meta Quest 3 exploded view

Is the Meta Quest 3 worth it?

The Meta Quest 3 is coming in for the price of $499 for the 128GB model at a minimum, with the eventual expansion of that storage coming in for a higher price for the model. It does make it a much more affordable option over the Meta Quest Pro price since that sits at triple the amount at $1,499. But then again, Quest 2 is getting a discount with the new model down to $299 for 128GB and $349 for the 256GB options.

But the Meta Quest 3 is expected to double the performance over the Quest 2 chip with its next-gen Snapdragon processor. And so it does make it a better value proposition if the performance is there. Along with the new features compared to the Quest 2, with the larger and numerous tracking cameras, it has better depth perception and tracking.

So the mixed reality improvement does bring the evolution of the Pro but with better pricing and improvements over the Quest 2. So it certainly should be the best contender for VR gaming and you can consider where to buy the Meta Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3 double GPU processing power next gen Snapdragon vs Meta Quest 2

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