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Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise?

Will the Meta Quest Pro be good for exercise? Let's take a look

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 11:02 am
Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise?

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After the Meta Quest Pro was announced at Meta Connect, there was an understandable amount of confusion about its purpose: Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise? Is it for gaming? The Metaverse? Seeing as you can already buy the Meta Quest Pro, we thought we’d take a closer look.

All this confusion probably stems from the keynote video, which we thought had an interesting lack of focus, specifically on gaming. However, there was no shortage of video showing people working up a sweat, so maybe the Meta Quest Pro is good for exercise.

Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise? The features

One of the reasons why the Meta Quest Pro might be good for exercise is the increased focus on mixed reality, instead of purely VR.

Mixed reality refers to the mixing of real surroundings with VR. Meaning that actually interacting with real objects should be far easier, and maybe even less vomit-inducing.

Additionally, there is talk of the headset being able to track objects other than the controllers, meaning that it might become a very capable piece of exercise equipment.

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For example, if the headset can accurately track things like kettlebells it could keep track of the user’s form and reps, while providing them with something more interesting to look at than their living room wall.

Meta also spent some time talking about the improvements they’ve made in regard to the balance and ergonomics of the headset, however, Meta is keeping the Meta Quest Pro specs pretty vague.

Most of the improvements here come from the utilization of pancake lenses, which allow for a far slimmer optical stack.

This keeps the weight closer to the user’s head, which strongly improves the balance and overall ergonomics of the headset

This means that the headset should sit more comfortably and securely, which would help make the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise as you’d be able to spend more time working out and less time worrying about the Meta Quest Pro flying free.

Now that the Meta Quest Pro has finally begun to land on the doorsteps of early adopters, we’ve been seeing some interesting conclusions as to whether the Meta Quest Pro is good for exercise or not.

One such early adopter is posting his findings on the r/OculusQuest subreddit, and they’ve got some particularly interesting findings regarding the Quest Pro’s suitability as an exercise tool.

He expresses concern about the strap, saying that he’ll “keep using Quest 2 and elite strap for that”. This sounds like a misstep for Meta, but maybe they’re intent on selling an inevitable upgraded head strap further down the line.

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Is the Meta Quest Pro good for exercise?

It would seem that fitness is one of the primary goals of the Meta Quest Pro and some of the features certainly look promising for those wanting to gamify their exercise routine.

What the the Meta Quest Pro battery life?

Meta claims a 1-2 hour battery life, which is a little underwhelming. However if you’re buying one specifically for exercise, this could be more than enough juice for a daily workout.

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