Kirby Discovery Of The Stars Leaked

Kirby has been discovered ahead of the Nintendo Direct event today

kirby discovery of the stars leak
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Ahead of today’s Nintendo Direct event, Kirby Discovery Of The Stars has been spotted on Nintendo Japan’s release schedule.

The release schedule appears to show the release of the game sometime in spring 2022, having previously been rumoured this basically confirms that Kirby Discovery Of The Stars is coming to the Nintendo Switch very soon.

kirby leak nintendo direct

Unfortunately, outside of the actual game name ‘Kirby Discover Of The Stars’ and a release date of spring 2022, we know very little more about the game. The game art does give us a glimpse into the world, a post-apocalyptic world that has previously been rumoured to be 3D but of course at this point in time, that is unconfirmed. Fortunately, we’re only a few hours away before the official Nintendo Direct event in which we’re almost guaranteed to find out more about Kirby and what he’s getting up to in the next instalment.

Be sure to stick around in a few hours time for our coverage of the Nintendo Direct event.