The Last of Us Part II Releases On February 21st, 2020

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As expected, The Last of Us Part II took center stage during PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast last night. The highlight is that after announcing the game back in 2016, developer Naughty Dog is releasing the game on February 21st, 2021, on PlayStation 4.

UPDATE: Naughty has since announced that the release date will be pushed back to May 29th, 2020.

State of Play 2019

A brand new trailer was cooked up for the occasion showcasing a bit more backstory to why Ellie's embarks on a brutal, vengeful spree. She sets off on an ill-fated horseback trek amid the snowy climes of a mountain range, only for it turn sour rather quickly.

With a bit of torture and the presumed death of her love interest Riley, she's seen gunning down clickers, mutant aberrations, and a non-negligent number of human enemies. It's all rather violent and gory, in keeping with previous snapshots we've seen to date.

In what was a stroke of teaser genius, Joel pops up in the trailer vowing to give Ellie a helping hand. Weathered by time and sporting more than a few gray hairs, the protagonist from the original game is back and we couldn't be happier.

Last of Us Part II Editions

Alongside, Sony also unveiled a bevy of editions packed to the rafters with The Last of Us Part II goodies. There's a standard edition that includes the game, a PSN avatar of Ellie's tattoo, an in-game ammo capacity upgrade, and a crafting training manual that grants access to upgrades and crafting recipes. The digital deluxe edition is identical except the game is, as the name implies, in digital download form.

Next up, we have the special edition that ships with the same bonuses as the standard edition as well as a steel bookcase, a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme, six PSN avatars, and a 48-page mini art book.

Things step up a notch with the collector's edition, which includes all of the above plus a lithograph art print, a thank you letter, a replica of Ellie's bracelet, 12'' statuette, six pins, stickers, and the digital soundtrack from the game.

Finally, we have the Ellie edition with all the above as well as a logo patch, 7'' vinyl with music from the game, and a full-sized replica of Ellie's backpack.

Final Word

Most of the bonuses are contingent on pre-ordering The Last of Us Part II, so if you are tempted, make sure to place an order before February 21st, 2020, to not miss out.

That's not all though as Sony and Naughty Dog ran an exclusive media event in tandem yesterday afternoon. News from the event is set to go public tomorrow in line with the yearly celebration of all things The Last of Us, Outbreak Day.