What Is Madden 22 Desync And How To Fix It!

Madden 22 desync error seems to be everywhere right now - here's how to fix it!

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Eager fans of Madden 22 have had access to the early release now since August 16th, enjoying some of the cool new gameplay features it has to offer.

Despite Madden NFL 22 being hugely popular, it does come with a number of bugs that are starting to grate on fans of the franchise. Many are experiencing an annoying Madden 22 desync issue – similar to a bug that was present in Madden 21.

Fortunately, there is a fix for the Madden 22 bug – with post-launch updates likely to eradicate the problem altogether.

This article will list the quickest and easy way to get rid of the Madden 22 desync error – including any useful information regarding the bug.

So, let’s get into it!

What Is Madden 22 Desync Error?

Desync errors have been experienced by Madden players since NFL 21. The annoying bug normally crops up during online competitive games, where your console renders at a different rate than the server itself. This means that what you’re seeing on screen and what is happening on the server are two different things, making the game impossible to play. It’s similar to lag issues where your screen shows events that have already happened on the server – normally leading to you being removed from the server.

How To Fix Madden 22 Desync Error

Whilst this fix isn’t 100% full proof, it does solve many of the desync issues people are experiencing.

You have to start by making sure that both you and the other players in the server are utilizing the same NAT type in CFM. Also check that both players are using the same IP Type (IPV6 or IPV4).

This is a fairly quick fix that should solve many issues being experienced by Madden 22 players. Here’s how to change the above settings:

How To Check Your NAT Type On Xbox Series X Or S

Start off by checking what NAT Type you’re currently using. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller and selecting ‘Profile & System’ on the right – then selecting the Settings option
  2. Navigate to the General section and click on the Network Settings
  3. On the Network Settings page, you will be able to check your NAT Type on the right-hand side – it will say one of the following options
    NAT Type: Open
    NAT Type: Moderate
    NAT Type: Strict

Once done, make sure you’re on the same NAT Type as your opponent. If you aren’t follow the below steps to change your NAT Type:

  1. Before starting, do a hard restart on your Xbox Series X or S – wait for it to power down, then unplug the power cable
  2. Next, turn off your router (turn it off at the power and leave for 30 seconds)
  3. Reboot the router by plugging it in
  4. Reboot the Xbox Series X or S
  5. Once on, press the Xbox button and locate the Profile and System section
  6. Inside, select settings
  7. Navigate to the general section of the settings menu and click on Network settings
  8. You will now be able to test the Xbox’s NAT type and run several tests until it shows Nat Type Open/Moderate

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our quick guide on Madden 22 desync and how to fix it. Whilst these fixes may not be 100% full proof right now, they will help with general server issues you may be having – and can fix the dreaded desync error too.

Fortunately, Madden 22 developers will be working hard on post-launch updates to ensure that errors like this are fixed.

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