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Madden 22 Refund – How To Request A Refund On Madden 22

Madden 22 not for you? Let's get you a refund.

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Madden 22 has been a massive hit since its release but we know that sometimes these mega titles don’t live up to everyone’s expectations. With this in mind, we are going to look at how to request a refund on Madden 22 on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox, so you can pretend you never made the purchase to begin with.

Madden 22 comes will a whole bund of new features, modes, and loads of tweaks on existing features manytMadden fans love, culminating into quite an impressive EA sports title, however, it may not be enough to make you want to keep it. Alternatively, you could already be deep in MUT and things are possibly starting to get addictive/ expensive, leaving you with one option, a refund.

How To Refund Madden 22 On Steam

The first thing to note with Steam is that you can only get a refund if you have played the game for under two hours. To refund Madden first, open the Steam client and then click on Madden 22. Below the play button, you are going to see a bar with a couple of options (Store Page, Community Hub) click the three dots at the end and select’ Support‘.

In the Support window, you now click ‘It’s not what I expected’ and then click on ‘Request a Refund’.

How To Refund Madden 22 On PS4/PS5

To refund Madden on Playstation, you have 14 days from your purchase to do so and PS has a specific web page to deal with your request. Visit the request a refund page here submit your form and contact the support team. Explain your issues with the game and then wait for the request to be accepted or denied.

How To Refund Madden 22 On Xbox

To refund Madden 22 on Xbox, sign in to your Microsoft account and go to your order history. Just like the PS Store, the game needs to be under 14 days old and cannot be a redeem code either. When in your order history, click on the order number above its icon and then choose the request a refund option. You can also visit this page and follow the steps too.

Getting a refund is easy as long as you are aware of policies, however, PC players beware, the more you play Madden 22, the less likely they are going to give you a refund.

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