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Madden 22 – Week 11 roster update today: Who’s up, who’s down?

Who gets the boost and who gets the boot - find out who's doing what in the Week 11 update

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 3:08 pm
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How are we at Week 11 already? As ever there are a massive amount of movers and shakers which you can dig into in as much detail as you like right here, but we have picked up some of the biggest gainers and losers in the latest roster update so you don’t have to plow through over 100 pages of stat changes.

What are Madden 22 roster updates?

Unlike the big game updates, roster updates are weekly player sta updates based on real-world performances in the previous week’s games. They also include injuries for all of the teams so are a vital source of information for all players.

These updates are for stats only and do not include bug fixes or player images or likeness which will follow at a later date.

Big gains


Big losses


Biggest Movers overall – Week 11

All Data courtesy of EA

When is the next Madden 22 roster update?

Weekly Madden updates arrive on the Thursday before the week’s games commence to give the stats gurus at Madden HQ time to implement any changes needed from the week before.

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