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*UPDATED* Madden 23 gameplay first look

Updated: Aug 11, 2022 2:44 pm
*UPDATED* Madden 23 gameplay first look

For the first time this year, EA Sports granted fans a chance to check out Madden 23’s gameplay through a first look live stream. Taking place at 11am EST (4pm UK time), fans had the opportunity to see what they could expect from the game by watching two very popular Madden streamers in TDBarrett and Cleff verse each other in a ‘Play Now’ game using the Buffalo Bills (Cleff) and the Los Angeles Chargers (TDBarrett). From graphics to movement to celebrations, a lot of new features from this newest edition were put on display, broken down by EA Madden Gameplay Designer KSpade.

New Features To Watch For

At the forefront of the new add-ons to Madden 23, is FieldSENSE. This new perk allows gamers to enjoy a more direct and involved experience with implementing their success and we got to see that firsthand in the live stream.

The most exciting aspect of FieldSENSE is the skill-based passing. The placement component is similar to that of pass lead but you have visual feedback now as well as a passing meter which determines the quality of your throw. Besides that, the 360 cuts feature, which grants gamers much more fluidity with player movement, looked smooth and provided another level of elusiveness to ones running approach. The hit everything factor of FieldSENSE is also an impactful new feature that redefined the pursuit and hit mechanics in the game.

The WR vs DB battles, which will offer a chance for fans to control how to guard their receiver opponent or break free as a wideout, wasn’t touched upon much, aside from seeing it unfold on various receiving plays during the live stream.

That said, FieldSENSE looked very exciting, engaging, and most importantly, places a lot more control in the users hands. And today we got to see more of that in real time through the gameplay stream, providing everyone a taste of what’s to come.

Outside of FieldSENSE, one under the radar feature that KSpade spoke about, is defensive evade moves. This adjustment allows players to get around blockers and evade them with ease. In addition, the peanut punch strip move was added to Madden 23, making for a fun new way to force fumbles.

What We Know

Chubb Madden 23
Curtesy of EA Sports Madden 23

Since the player and team ratings have been out for quite some time, we know what to expect to an extent based on each of their ratings and ranks. That said, we have yet to see much of these players or teams demonstrated for us live.

However, today we were offered a chance to see both the Bills and Chargers go head-to-head, illustrating a fun example of what we will expect come the release of Madden 23. This matchup highlighted how mechanics are much more dependent on size and strength, giving gamers a more realistic feel when taking on smaller opponents with larger players or vice versa.

Takes On Madden 23

TDBarrett: TDBarrett was a big fan of the free form passing. He noted that pocket passing and quick passes are crucial components of the new passing style of the game. TDBarrett also enjoyed the new jump cut juke move they added.

CleffTheGod: Cleff appreciated the new feel of movement, which he thought was completely different in comparison to Madden 22. He also enjoyed how much responsibility is given to the gamer and the amount of user control one has at their disposal to be creative.

We have a lot to look forward to so be sure to check out the Madden 23 gameplay first look if you haven’t yet.

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