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Everything You Need To Know About Madden NFL 22’s Performance Mode

Madden NFL 22’s Performance Mode is different on different consoles.

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We’re reaching the end of the year, and with that we’re about to see another John Madden NFL release from EA Sports. But which of the newest consoles should you buy the new game on, the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S? And when you have the American Football sim, which graphics mode should you be using?

For the best online multiplayer experience, we recommend that you use Performance Mode regardless of which console you’ve decided to use to play the game. Madden NFL 22 is a game where whover pushes the button first can be the difference between a touchdown and a takedown, so you really want to have the highest framerate you can get.

Which console has the best Performance Mode for Madden NFL 22?

Madden 22 Performance Mode

Madden NFL 22 is described as Optimized for Xbox Series X/S on its Microsoft Store page, and Xbox Series X can play the game at 120 FPS on compatible displays. Cutscenes and replays will still go down to 60FPS according to people that have played the beta, but they don’t require any input from the player so that’s fine.

On Xbox Series S, there are no graphics mode options, but the console runs the game at around 60FPS at all times. The same is apparently true for the PlayStation 5 version, which is disappointing considering the extra power of Sony’s machine in comparison.

Why choose Quality Mode for Madden NFL 22?

Madden 22 Performance Mode

There are of course plenty of reasons to use the 60 FPS Quality Mode, but the biggest is that most people just haven’t upgraded their televisions and monitors yet. If your display is only 60 Hz then it can’t take advantage of the extra frames and you should just enjoy the prettiest version of the graphics that your games console can offer instead.

If you’re in the market for a 120 FPS display, you should take a look at the ones that support up to 144Hz in our product round-up over here.

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