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Mandalorian Game Leak?

Potential Gameplay Footage Of Mandalorian Game Leaks - Could This Genuinely Be A New Mandalorian Game?

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A supposed Mandalorian game leak has emerged, featuring what some are claiming to be gameplay of a new Mandalorian game.

Is this Mandalorian game leak genuine? read below to get our verdict.

The Supposed Mandalorian Game Leak Footgage

The ‘leaked’ video that has got everyone buzzing at the prospect of a Mandalorian game can be seen below. Skepticism abounds as to whether this could be genuine or not, but whatever the game footage is of, we have to say, we like the look of it!

That being said, the awkward-looking AI and animations of the enemy stormtroopers and general jankiness don’t exactly speak of a AAA title, though this could just be a symptom of it being in the early stages of development. Read below for further analysis of the footage.

Is The Mandalorian Game Leak Genuine?

Theories abound as to what the rumored Mandalorian game leak could actually be. Joseph Kime at GGrecon postulates that it could be based on the code of the canceled Star Wars bounty-hunter shooter Star Wars: 1313, perhaps a mod built on that engine.

Jack Chapman (as you can see in the tweet below) thinks the footage is just a homemade project built on Unreal Engine 4, through recognizing the sounds and animations from the base system. These stock options aren’t used by professional games studios as they are (as you can see in the trailer) a bit basic and unprofessional, so it’s unlikely to be a real Mandalorian game release.


Mr. Chapman worked on Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and now works at Sumo Digital on an unknown title, so it’s safe to say, he probably knows what he’s talking about!

Mandalorian Game Release Date

Given all the above then, it seems unlikely that the footage signifies a new Mandalorian game release, and we certainly have not had the existence of such a game confirmed by any major publisher.

BUT – if there’s one thing Disney (the owner’s of the Star Wars license, in case you didn’t know) likes to do, it’s make sweet cash money. Given the massive success of the Mandalorian tv series, and the rich possibilities offered by a bounty hunter game in the Star Wars universe, it seems very likely that we won’t be seeing a new Mandalorian game pop up at some point over the next few years. As soon as we catch word of such a title – you’ll be the first to know! So stay tuned into WePC for the latest Mandalorian Game leaks and news.

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