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Marauders weapon guide & gun tier list

The stats of very gun in Marauders and how to craft them

Updated: Jul 22, 2022 9:37 am
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This Marauders weapon guide will list the stats of every gun in Marauders, how to unlock them and how to craft them, including both infantry weapons and ship-based weapons. These stats are all based on the Early Access Marauders Closed Alpha release, so will likely change somewhat between now and the Beta, not to mention the full release date of the game. Be advised that this guide is a work in progress: details on crafting info for infantry weapons are particularly light at this stage, but we will be adding to them as we play through the game.

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The list of the Marauders Guns

Note: you may have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to see all the columns of this table – it’s quite large.

Weapon nameAmmo typeDurabilityDamageRecoil Ammo capacity (stock) Fire RateADS SpeedCost to unlockCost to craftTime to craftAttachments
Hunting knifen/a25/25n/an/an/a n/a n/a $382n/a
Combat Knifen/a35/35n/an/a n/a n/a n/a $446n/a
Bowie Knifen/a50/50n/an/a n/a n/a n/a $5691x Synthetic Scrap, 1x Metal Scrap20 secondsn/a
Macheten/a75/75n/an/a n/a n/a n/a $1742n/a
Pick Axen/a25/25n/an/a n/a n/a n/a n/an/a
Batonn/an/an/an/a n/a n/a n/a n/an/a
Truncheonn/an/an/an/a n/a n/a n/a n/an/a
Hand Torchn/a25/25n/an/a n/a n/a n/a n/an/a
Fire Extinguishern/a75/7551755020$297None
Flare PistolFlare10/10n/an/a1n/an/an/an/a
Welrod.32 ACP50/5040186518$446None
Luger P089mm100/10024882520LVL 4, 2x S. coin, $42530 secondsNone
Mauser M71210mm100/1002010106015$1211Extended Mag, Stock
1911 Stamp.45 ACP100/10028972015$8712x Metal Scrap, 1x Synthetic Scrap30 secondsNone
Mosin Obrez Pistol54 R mm50/5055645315$165330 secondsNone
Sten MkII9mm75/75207324817$1360Muzzle
M45 “K”9mm75/75216364518$2082None
MP4010mm75/75248304521$3106Muzzle, Stock
Mat-49.32 ACP75/75229366022Lvl 11, 5x S.coin, $70045 secondsExtended Mag
MAC-10.45 ACP75/752314307020$2788Muzzle
PPSH-4110mm75/75236367017$24652x Synthetic Wrap, 1x Metal Sheet45 secondsExtended Mag, Stock
Thompson.45 ACP75/752412305518$6162Extended Mag
Uzi9mm75/75208206020$3174Extended Mag, Muzzle, Stock
M1A1 Para.32 ACP100/1002812152220$2422None
M1941 Johnson.300 magnum100/100n/an/a10n/an/a$3342None
M50 Reising.45 ACP100/1003020124525$2788Extended Mag, Muzzle
SVT-4054 R mm 100/1004033102217Lvl 21, 6x S.coin, $1,0151 minute 10 secondsNone
BAR.300100/1004114203912LVL 29, 7x S.coin, $1,9001 minute 15 secondsExtended Mag, Muzzle
Bren Mk27.62mm100/1003216305419$7968None
K1 Assault5.56mm100/100n/an/a20n/an/an/aExtended Mag, Muzzle
Krása Rifle7.62mm100/100287206522$32788None
DP2854 R mm100/1003312475518$7267None
Terminator12 Gauge25/2591361515$1927None
Sawed Off12 Gauge 40/40843621018$1938None
Liberator12 Gauge 100/100701441418$3638None
Trench Gun12 Gauge 50/50602651018$3638None
Jackhammer12 Gauge 100/1004014102019$6188None
LPO FlamethrowerFuel100/1004021005015$4891None
AP MineMine1n/a
Scrap BombGranade11x Metal Scrap, 1x Canned Food, 1x Gunpowdern/a
Blow TorchFuel500/5001055008015$29745 secondsNone
De Lisle Carabine.45 ACP100/1002854111220$3638None
Heavy Thompson.45 ACPn/an/an/a30n/an/an/an/a
M-165.56mmn/an/an/a20n/an/aLVL 24, 6x S.coin, $17151 minuteExtended Mag

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Marauders weapon guide Marauders gun tier list

Marauders gun tier list

We have compiled a Marauders weapon tier list, specifically for all the infantry projectile weapons below. We haven’t included melee weapons (which are generally pretty difficult to use effectively) or the anti-personnel mine. The below list isn’t yet finalized, as we haven’t thoroughly tested all the guns in the game (there are a lot) and we may raise or lower the position of some of these guns before we get to the end of the Early Access.

Some notes on the below: the Sawed Off shotgun is in the S+ tier purely because it occupies a pistol slot rather than the main weapon slot, which makes it very useful as a last resort (for close encounters). We’ve included the BAR (which can upgrade to 40 rounds with a compensator for reduced recoil) and the Mauser M712 (which can upgrade to an extended mag, with a stock and shoot automatic) based on the fully modded versions of each – you can assume that the unmodded versions are at least one tier lower. The Terminator is bottom tier because of its ridiculously long reload time for the single round, however, it does do a lot of damage if you land the shot, The LPO Flamethrower has terrible range and you’re likely to lose most of your health from enemy fire by the time you successfully manage to kill a player, though it is quite funny if you pull it off, and the M1941 Johnson is just pretty terrible.

S+BAR (fully modded), Jackhammer, Sawed Off
SDP28, M16, SVT-40, MP40, MG-42, STG-44, ViperMK1
A1911 Stamp, Sten MkII, Bren Mk2, Krása Rifle, M1A1 Para, Uzi, Thompson, Mauser M712 (fully modded)
BTrench Gun, Liberator, Luger P08, K1 Assault, PPSH-41, MAC-10, Mosin Obrez Pistol
CThe LPO Flamethrower, M1941 Johnson, Terminator, Welrod

The list of Marauders ship weapons

Ship weapon nameDescriptionCost to unlockCost to craftTime to craft
Torpedo launcher turret3 shots with a 8 second reload timeLvl 7, 2x S.coin, $7001x Metal sheet, 1x Synthetic Scrap, 2x Gunpowder1:15
Rocket artillery turret6 shots with a 2,5 second reload timeLvl 12, 2x S.coin, $1,0751x Metal sheet, 2x Synthetic Scrap, 4x Gunpowder1:30
Flak cannonmedium fire rate, explosion radius, has large overlap, 8 shots with a 5 second reload timeLvl 16, 3x S.coin, $1,255n/an/a
460mm Triple Turret3 shots with a 4 second reloadLvl 19, 3x S.coin, $1,115n/an/a
Howitzer Turret1 shot with a 3 second reload time, heavy damageLvl 24, 4x S.coin, $2,100n/a1:50
Nuclear launcherLarge explosion radius, damage falloff, one shotLvl 30, 9x S.coin, $9,0004x Metal sheet, 1x Tool Kit, 3x Hi-grade Gunpowder, 2x Cable2:00

Marauders weapon tier list (for ships)

Our Marauders ship weapon tier list is not as extensive as the main gun tier list, given the much smaller number of options.

The Flak turret is the best of the bunch because it is the perfect middle ground between the rate of fire, the number of shots, and the explosion radius. It’s by far the best gun for shooting down enemy boarding pods due to all of these factors.

The Nuclear launcher is great just for the comedy value (it hasn’t yet gotten old), not to mention the ridiculous damage, however the single shot, slow travel time and slow reload time mean you can only really reliably use it if the enemy is near an asteroid/larger object that you can hit so they’re caught in the splash damage – smaller targets are a nightmare to hit. Also, be careful where you’re firing it. Currently, you can reload the launcher by exiting and then re-entering the periscope, though it’s not clear if this is just an exploit or a design feature.

Most of the other guns are tiered relative to their rate of fire and ability to hit small targets.

Tier Ship Weapon
SFlak turret
ARocket artillery turret, Nuclear Launcher
B460mm Triple Turret, Howitzer Turret
CTorpedo launcher turret

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Final Word

We hope this Marauders weapon guide and crafting chart (still a work in progress) has proved of use to you in your space-born adventures. If you’ve got any different opinions of what the Marauders gun tier list or ship weapon tier list should look like, sling them to us below in a comment and we’ll consider their merit.

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