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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC Version could be massive, but it’s optimized

Although there's been a bit of confusion regarding download sizes on Steam

Updated: Oct 20, 2021 9:23 pm
Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC Version could be massive, but it’s optimized

Square Enix is well known for its mishandling of Marvel IP, but that’s all set to change with Eidos Montreal’s take on Guardians of the Galaxy, releasing October 26th on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and also Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Whilst we’re super excited about the planet-hopping adventures Star-Lord and co. will embark on, and for a proper single-player action-adventure experience, PC looks like it’s bringing the big guns when it comes down to file size.

Previously, Steam has Guardians listed with a whopping 150GB file size, which is the same file size as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Who has the time to visit that amount of worlds and levels anyway? However, the lovely development team at Eidos Montreal cleared this up, stating that the game is now in fact 80GB in file size:

We can confirm that the game’s file size has been updated to 80GB over on steam at the time of writing, which is all well and good, but the PC version of Guardians is still being optimized days before launch. Is this a good or bad thing? Well, ultimately it could mean either-or, but it looks like Eidos is working hard on getting Guardians up to standard and running smoothly.

From legitimate heroes for hire to finding their true purpose in the galaxy, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be a great release this fall. Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe will notice some distinct differences due to this game being based on the comics, but will still find fun in controlling Star-Lord from a third-person perspective.

Players can’t control other members of the team such as Drax, Groot, Rocket, and Gamora, but they can issue commands for team-based combat action. Each character has unique skills that can be chained together for multiple outcomes and more damage. We’re especially looking forward to the ‘Team Huddle’ feature. A special meter builds during combat and when full, it allows players to play one of Star-Lords legendary songs to motivate his fellow Guardians for in-game boosts. Dialogue trees will affect character relationships, but ultimately the game has one ending, albeit one we can’t wait to see.

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