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*UPDATED* When can I pre-order the Meta Quest 3?

When will you be able to pre order the Meta Quest 3?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 8:51 pm
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The Meta Quest 3 is well and truly on its way. As usual, the rumor mill is churning, which is getting people hugely hyped for the upcoming VR headset. “When can I pre-order the Meta Quest 3?” I hear you ask.

Well, if you want to get your hands on the newest addition to the Meta lineup of VR headsets, you’re in luck as the Meta Quest 3 is due to arrive very, very soon.

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Meta Quest 3 predicted release date

As it stands, the Meta Quest 3 release date is likely to fall near the beginning of 2023. However, there are small chances that it will drop in time for the 2022 holiday period.

Respected tech journalist and somewhat prolific leaker Brad Lynch seems convinced of the 2023 release date.

We’re inclined to believe him, as he’s had some slam dunks over the past few years. However, perhaps selfishly, we still have hopes that the Meta Quest 3 will arrive just in time for Christmas.

Additionally, the sought-after nature of the Meta Quest 3 will make it an absolute sales sensation if it does release prior to Christmas, so hopefully, that is the case, but don’t hold your breath, for now.

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Meta Quest 3 specs rumors

As per usual, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. But there are a few things that are likely to happen, sort of natural evolutions to the Meta Quest 2.

First up is a higher refresh rate for the displays. Currently, they top out at 120Hz, so an increase to 165 or maybe even 240Hz isn’t out of the question. This would necessitate a far more powerful GPU, so it could increase the cost, but it doesn’t have to.

Additionally, we could see a higher resolution for the displays too. This would go hand in hand with a higher refresh rate to create a more immersive and lifelike VR gaming experience. 4k might be a bit much considering the tiny screens due to pixel density issues, but something around 1440p could be done, we think.

The display tech itself might see a change too. The current Meta Quest 2 uses regular LCD displays, which are pretty outdated in this day and age. Meta is no doubt aware of the LCD display tech limitations, so perhaps a move to OLED is in order? OLED is quite cost-effective for smaller displays, so this is a pretty realistic hope.

We’ve also heard that the Zucc plans to amp up eye and face-tracking, this would help make the avatars that we’ll all be using in the eventual Metaverse able to emote more accurately.

This would help interpersonal communication as a massive part of human communication is made through subtle microexpressions and tiny muscle movements.

If the Meta Quest 3 is equipped enough to capture expressions with this level of granularity, it could make a big difference to in-game cutscenes, or even controlling the games themselves.

If you’re anxious for more info, we’ve made a full ‘Meta Quest 3 release date and specs‘ page. That page will have everything you need in terms of info.

When can I pre-order the Meta Quest 3?

Though far from a confirmation, we’ve heard yet more rumblings from Leaker of the hour, Brad Lynch. In his final prediction post, he left us with a lot of information, some of which might be true.

Anyway, he seems to be fairly sure that the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest pro pre order period will begin during Mark Zuckerberg’s big keynote speech at Meta Connect this fall, which will likely be sometime in September.

He goes on to predict that the actual release date, I.E when the headset will appear in stores and at your doors will be October 25. Bear in mind that this is still yet to be confirmed, but Mr. Lynch has a pretty good track record so we’re cautiously confident about this date.

As there has been no confirmed release date for the Meta Quest 3, you can’t pre-order it quite yet.

However, as most publications have settled on an early 2023 release date, it stands to reason that you’ll be able to pre-order the Meta Quest 3 either late this year or early next year. However, as nothing official has been said, we can’t be sure.

Should you wait for the Meta Quest 3?

There are basically two points to consider here: The cost, and the improvements over the current Meta Quest 2.

It’s going to cost either slightly more, or way more. This means it’s up to you if the difference in performance is worth the extra cost.

Additionally, you should consider the timing. If you’ve yet to pull the trigger on a VR headset, be it the Meta Quest 2, or PSVR, we’d recommend waiting, as you don’t have long to wait for either of them.

The fast-approaching arrival of the new Meta Quest 3 is a strong reason to wait, as you’d rather be on the cutting edge and having fun with the new stuff than languishing with an older variant.

This is not to say that the Meta Quest 2 isn’t fantastic as it really is great fun and a powerful piece of VR kit. But Overall, getting one now will probably lead to some buyer’s remorse.


Meta has now announced a $100 price increase for the Meta Quest 2. This is supposed to offset the huge development and production costs associated with VR.

It’s also probably to help fund the upcoming Metaverse, whatever that turns out to be, however, the Price increase puts a significant damper on the Meta Quest 2.

This price increase pretty much negates the value of buying a Meta Quest 2 before the Meta Quest 3 is available. Our advice is to hold fire until Meta Quest 3 Pre-orders are live.

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