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Microsoft is ending Cortana support in Windows

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Updated: Jun 5, 2023 9:01 am
Microsoft is ending Cortana support in Windows

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The not-so-beloved assistant from Windows is getting axed. In a post on its support page, Microsoft has outlined what this means for the few that actually still want to see the assistant in their operating system.

Starting in late 2023, the standalone app is not going to be supported. But the rest of the lineup is getting more powerful AI capabilities. So although the assistant itself is getting removed, it will still be there for tasks, calendars, and emails. Likely the only place that saw any use for a tool. Specifically, Cortana will still be available in Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams display, and Microsoft Teams room.

New Windows assistant features

As it might affect some users, Microsoft is aiming to smooth out the transition to the new options it is introducing. Without the need for opening the app, you can use voice or text in particular apps now, so here are the upcoming options.

Voice access in Windows 11

A new feature for Windows 11, will let you control your PC and write text with just your voice. So you can open and switch apps, browse the internet, and read and write emails. You don’t need to be online even to access them instead has integrated advanced voice recognition. Certainly a more accessible option in general.

Bing AI

Based on ChatGPT, Bings AI integrates the language model into your browser. This allows you to use a powerful engine to get answers much more quickly and easily. Even being able to use voice to ask your questions well. As well as promising succinct answers cited from sources.

Microsoft 365 copilot

This brings AI into your workflow and helps out with productivity tasks. Copilot uses your 365 data to help create, edit, and share content. This means using your calendar, emails, chats, documents, and meetings, to help with the work you’re doing.

Windows copilot

What might be the replacement for Cortana, copilot in Windows is a centralized Windows AI assistant. Along with Bing Chat and plugins, it is there to improve productivity across the board. So instead of searching and launching other applications, copilot brings it all into one.

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