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*LATEST* Microsoft Surface Pro 9 release date prediction, Pro 9 pre order & possible price

Here's everything we know so far & what we want to see with the Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Updated: Sep 22, 2022 4:32 pm
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 release date Surface Pro 9 pre order Surface Pro 9 price

The Surface Pro 9 may be showcased at the upcoming Microsoft event, which is to be hosted on October 12th, 2022.

We were first introduced to the Microsoft Surface line of tablets back in 2012, which at the time, was launched with Windows RT.

Since, Microsoft has released a new Surface almost every year, leading many to suspect the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 release date may not be that far away.

Microsoft has released nothing official thus far around a new iteration of a Surface Pro but the Surface 8 Pro was released back in October 2021 and featured the latest Windows software – Windows 11.

The Surface Pro 8 reviewed really well, featuring a magnificent design, display, and reasonable quality speakers.

While the USB-A port was removed, the USB 4.0 and Thunderbolt 4 USB-C support were great pros to the device.

It would be great to see Microsoft introduce an entry-level model with the Surface 9 and throw in the keyboard and Pen as a bundle instead of expensive extras.

In preparation for what we hope would be the next iteration in what we consider to be an excellent iPad alternative, we will be covering everything we know and want to see in terms of a Surface Pro 9 release date, when we might see Surface Pro 9 pre order options, and the possible Surface Pro 9 price.

* We are going to be continually updating this page if and when more information goes live*

Surface Pro 9 release date prediction, could it be 2023?

The only year we failed to see a new Surface Pro was back in 2020, which was highly likely to be the old pandemics’ fault.

Things have improved since then and we are also seeing major manufacturers such as AMD and Intel make headway in their next generation of processors.

With the Surface Pro 8 releasing back in October (Q3) 2021, we are predicting to see the Surface Pro 9 release date in the same period of 2022.

We have no idea what Microsoft is planning yet but as long as they don’t skip a year with the Surface Pro X refresh, the Surface Pro 9 could be on the cards.

Surface Pro 9 pre order

Until the Surface Pro 9 is officially announced, there will be no pre order options.

As we saw with the Surface Pro 8, pre orders will go live soon after its launch.

The best way to stay on top of pre order dates is to check via the Microsoft store.

Surface Pro 9 price estimation

We will have to predict the possible price of the Surface Pro 9 but we think there is a good chance it is going to cost a similar amount to the Pro 8.

The Surface Pro 7 initial launch price started at around $750, with additional extras costing beyond $1,000. 

The Surface Pro 8 started at $1,099, topping out way beyond $1,699.

Based on this we actually don’t expect to see a significant jump in price but that all depends on the specifications.

If there is a jump in price the Surface Pro 9 would have to justify it big time, remember the keyboard and trackpad type cover wasn’t included with the Surface Pro 8.

It would make more sense for Microsoft to sell this as a 2-in-1 bundle but let’s see.

Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 8 specifications

The Surface Pro 9 specs are all complete rumors and a bit of wishful thinking until Microsoft announces it.

There will likely be very similar specifications to the Surface Pro 8, only with improved processing power.

This means we could see Intel 12th-gen processors making an appearance.

We may also see display enhancements, possibly a higher refresh rate.

As we mentioned earlier, we have since had AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series, offering significant improvements for handheld devices and laptops. Despite this, we believe AMD CPUs will not feature in the next line of Surface Pro/X products, however, could feature in some laptops.

Microsoft could potentially offer the Surface Pro 9 in both ARM and Intel configurations.

We would also love to see other nice-to-have features such as 5G, interesting color options, and possibly an OLED display.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 FAQs

Will there be a new Surface Pro in 2022?

This is still unknown, with nothing official announced. Microsoft tends to release a new Surface Pro model every year, however, the Surface Pro X is being refreshed this year leading to doubt.

Which is the newest Microsoft Surface?

The newest Microsoft Surface is currently the Surface Pro 8.

Which generation of Surface Pro is best?

The current gen (8th) is regarded as the best thus far, bringing Microsoft tablet solution into the conversation.

Is Microsoft discontinuing the surface?

No, the Surface line of devices has come a long way and is better than ever.

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