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Microsoft Target Xbox Mini Fridge for Xmas release

The console war just went cold, unless Sony announces ChillStation for 2022?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021 3:35 pm
Microsoft Target Xbox Mini Fridge for Xmas release

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Yes, it has come to this: writing a story about fridges. Not just any fridge, thankfully, but the gamer-friendly Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, which Microsoft has just announced will be available to pre order from October 19, and will be available for beverage insertion in time for the Christmas festivities.

Starting out as a meme when the newly-announced Xbox Series X was compared to a thermally insulated kitchen cabinet, Microsoft has (again) taken the joke to its logical conclusion and produced the acutely desirable Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. (Which is saying something coming from someone who has no personal interest in owning the machine on which the Xbox Mini Fridge is based).

xbox mini fridge target

Xbox Mini Fridge pre order, release date, price

The Xbox Mini Fridge will be available to pre order from October 19. In the US, Target is the exclusive retailer. Canadians can go direct to the Xbox Gear Shop, while those in the UK can get their Mini Fridge from Game. All agreed retailers should have the Mini Fridge in stock in time for Christmas. The Xbox cooler will be available later during 2022 in territories beyond north america and europe. No, it won’t be on Game Pass.

TerritoryPre ordersRetailerPriceAvailable
USOctober 19Target and Target.com$99.99December 2021
CanadaOctober 19Xbox Gear ShopDecember 2021
UKOctober 19Game£89.99December 2021
EuropeOctober 19Game Stop EU, Micromania or Toynk (via Amazon)€99.00December 2021

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge system specs

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has the dimensions, LED lights and other accoutrements to appear similar to Microsoft’s latest console. Internally it runs a lot cooler, allowing it to do what it’s good at without overheating.

  • CPU: None
  • GPU: None
  • Memory: None
  • Internal storage: Up to 10x cans + 2x door shelves for snacks (12 cans according to Game)
  • Cooling:  36°F (20°C) below ambient temperature
  • Ports: 1x 5v USB for charging
  • Power: AC/DC adaptor

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