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Midnight Suns Re-Revealed At Summer Game Fest

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 10:47 pm
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Midnight Suns is back! Summer Game Fest featured a brand new trailer for the game that features some brand-new characters.

New Midnight Suns Characters

The new Midnight Suns trailer revealed that both Hulk and Venom will be on the side of the villains in this game, seemingly possessed by a mystical force and made to do their bidding. In order to balance this, however, there’s a brand new character revealed in the form of Spider-Man, who has multiple different costumes to help him along the way.

You’ll be able to have Spider-Man as part of your team, joining characters such as Wolverine, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Blade, in addition to your custom made character. The game is releasing on October 7th 2022, and will have a pre-order bonus of a Defender Strange costume.

What Is Midnight Suns?

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Midnight Suns was revealed last year and went quiet for a while, during which the game was delayed and was rumoured to be getting a full revamp. There was no gameplay shown off during this trailer, but it appears it is an XCOM type tactical game with units and more. There’s Spiderman, Blade, and many other heroes on-screen willing to fight these green witch looking big baddies.

Either way, it’s interesting that there are some demon looking hulk, venom while there are spider man and his pals that arrive. It has certainly come a long way, with the first bits of gameplay originally shown back in 2021. And, the slight revamp seems to run rather well, with the recent revamping and the rather near release date.

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