Marvel Midnight Suns – Release Date, Gameplay, Pre Order

Marvel Midnight Suns game official reveal trailer dropped at Gamescom 2021

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Marvel Midnight Suns is a new tactical RPG that is set in the dark side of the Marvel Universe, where you face demonic forces of the underworld. In this new title, you team up with the Midnight Suns, AKA, Earth’s last line of defense. Viewers who tuned into Gamescom 2021 yesterday got to see the official reveal trailer for the game, where we were treated to some excellent visuals from the Firaxis team.

Midnight Suns is structured similarly to an XCOM game, however, it is quite different. The game features some big hitter Marvel heroes such as Dr. Strange, Magik, Iron Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider (the Robbie Reyes version), Blade, Captain America, Nico Minoru, and Captain Marvel. As well as 12 playable comic book characters, Midnight Suns also has a create-a-character feature. The player will also take on the role of The Hunter, a new supernatural hero that can be customized both in terms of their moves and their overall appearance

What Is Midnight Suns?

It is worth pointing out that Midnight Suns is not a MArvel Skinned XCOM title, you aren’t an invisible sky commander and when you pick heroes to join you on your mission, they join your character – The Hunter. The Hunter is at the epicenter of the story with the main plot being to defeat Lilith, the mother of demons.

This RPG is a single-player, turn-based title but despite this, it still feels completely different from XCOM games.

Midnight Suns Release Date

Marvel Midnight Suns release date for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC will be March 2022, so not too long to wait, and the devs keep telling us we are going to be pleasantly surprised by this new game.

Midnight Suns Pre Order

There is no pre order information around Midnight Suns just yet, however, there is a gameplay reveal coming up on the 1st of September 2021.

Midnight Suns Pre Order Bonus

Again, no official information around pre orders just yet for Midnight Suns but you can currently sign up for their news and promotional marketing and receive a Nightstalker Skin for the game when it gets released. Sign Up Here.

How To Watch Marvel Midnight Suns Gameplay Reveal

We aren’t sure how they are going to show us but we know that Midnight Suns is launching a gameplay reveal next week. The gameplay will likely be live-streamed but will almost definitely be uploaded straight afterward too. They currently have a reveal countdown on their website that you can monitor so you don’t miss it when the time comes.