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@mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception – Are New World Servers Down?

Back to the start of the New World server queue you go

Updated: Sep 29, 2021 3:28 pm
@mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception – Are New World Servers Down?

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Update: 09/29/21 – The error code is back, targeting players who have been sat in a queue for several hours. Apparently, you can press ok and wait patiently and it can put you back in the spot you were at before the error popped up. It reportedly works for some people in the New World Discord, but others say it boots them to the back of the queue as first reported. We’ll keep an eye on it some more.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of New World and wanted to get logged in straight after you finished work, you may be out of luck. While server queues have been plaguing most users trying to get into the new Amazon MMORPG, it seems others have been encountering another login error – @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception.

This @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception error has been affecting mainly EU players who are attempting to log into the game for the first time but it seems that this is now leaking to US users also.

If you’re receiving the @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception login error message, unfortunately, you’ve just lost your place in the long, long queue and are right back to the place you were 5 hours earlier.

Is there a @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception fix?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a fix to the @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception error you might be out of luck. It appears like it’s an Amazon problem rather than a player problem, with the New World servers to be the root of the cause. The servers themselves aren’t technically ‘down’ there’s simply just too many people trying to log in at the same time thus causing many to be booted out of the queue and making them start the process all over again.

All we can recommend is that you keep a cool head and simply re-queue, avoid the urge to throw your expensive PC out the window, and ensure that your desk withstands the slams that you’re inevitably going to do.

We’re sure that this is simply a launch issue and the server issues get ironed out as they usually do. Sit tight and grab a stiff drink if you have to.

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