MMORPG Bless Unleashed Heading to PC in Early 2021

After launching exclusively on Xbox One back in March, free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Bless Unleashed, is heading to PC in early 2021. Developed by Round 8 Studios, Bless Unleashed is being published by Neowiz for PC.

Bless Unleashed heads to PC via Steam, with a newly-minted listing already up to mark the occasion where you can wishlist the game ahead of its arrival early next year.

Here’s the official announcement:

“We are absolutely thrilled and excited to be able to announce that we are in preparation for our Bless Unleashed PC platform launch! Bless Unleashed is dynamic combat- driven, vast open-world MMORPG, and our players will be able to explore the world of Bless Unleashed and experience the treacherous, and menacing dungeons with other friends and foes right from your PC. Not only will Bless Unleashed be available in the console platforms, but we are preparing to bring the game through STEAM and”

As with any MMORPG worth its salt, Bless Unleashed drops players into a massively, vibrant world known as Lumios to embark on a grand storyline. You can take on quests alone or with friends, form guilds, and forge alliances as you chart your own story through Bless Unleashed and partake in heated PvP battles with other players.

Bless Unleashed’s world features vast and diverse landscapes from verdant forests to the danger-steeped Uncharted Regions. With a focus on exploration, each discovery leads to unique encounters and experiences. A new demonic force known as the Daimon waits in the shadows to strike again as the world processes the aftermath of a human-caused disaster that has laid it to waste. Chaos and war plague the land as a dark prophecy about vengeful gods returning looms.

By besting formidable monsters in dangerous dungeons, players can gather honorary titles and collect treasure to improve and steer their character’s development in true RPG style and upgrade weapons to take on even more daunting foes. There are five unique classes and four distinct races to choose from with the chance to master the unique combos of each class.

Round 8 Studio has cooked up a brand new trailer to accompany the news with a suitably epic and ominous tone.