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Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Confirmed

Specs ops mode is coming back to MW2

Updated: Sep 15, 2022 7:21 pm
Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mode Released

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops mode has been confirmed.

During COD Next the hosts of the show dived deep into Spec Ops mode.

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Spec Ops was a huge feature in previous titles, adding a lot of gameplay to the game.

Let’s take a look at Modern Warfare 2 and its Spec Ops mode.

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mode Confirmed

Modern Warfare 2 spec ops mode has finally been confirmed. The mode was talked about in great detail, even giving details of the two-person gameplay dynamic.

The Spec Ops mode in previous titles has mainly featured a bunch of different side-missions with a co-op focus. The biggest update has been a shift in focus to one player providing air support while the other person remains on the ground to do the bulk of the work.

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It’s not clear how many missions there are, or exactly what each mission will contain, but it’s reassuring to know that the mode is making a return.

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Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Screenshot

As well as Spec Ops mode, we learned a great deal about other gameplay going on in MW2. First up, there’s a bunch of new traversal options with ledge hanging and a new diving move that allows you to keep firing your gun.

Another huge update has been a huge influx of new water-based mechanics. Everything from vehicles to bullet physics have been tweaked to be as realistic as possible. That even extends to the visuals, with it getting harder to see the deeper you go in the water.

MW2 is shaping up to be a huge upgrade over the previous Call of Duty games. With new features and integration across Warzone 2 and Warzone mobile, there are so many reasons to get into the game.

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