Monday Mods: Doom II National Videogame Museum Mod

1:1 recreation of the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas.


If you’ve ever wanted to run and gun across a museum as the Doom Slayer, then you’re in luck. DevHour Games have just released a new mod for Doom II that allows you to explore a 1:1 recreation of the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas.

Simply dubbed National Videogame Museum, the mod drops players into the museum, which is dealing with a demon infestation. Shotgun in hand, players can trudge through the museum, taking in the exhibits and downing all-manner of familiar Doom aberrations.


“After years of planning, you finally make the trip to Texas to visit the National Videogame Museum, only to find that it has been completely overrun by demons! With your trusty Super Shotgun in hand, rip and tear your way through the hordes of hellspawn to clear out the annals of video game history!”

Features include a museum map alongside two secrets maps, a tourism mode that lets you explore free of the threat of demons, and three normal difficulty levels identical to those found in Doom II. The mod is ideal for vanilla Doom II settings, but the developers say that it will work suitably with mods like Free Look and Jump turned on.


The National Videogame Museum mod is available to download for free over on Mod DB, where you’ll find all the requisite files to get it up and running. The download tallies up to a tiny 9.82 MB, which is a welcome breath of fresh air in this day and age of 40 GB Warzone updates.

DevHour appears to be regularly updating the mod. A new patch was pushed out yesterday to fix a few bugs. The patch notes read:

”We hope you’ve enjoyed wreaking havoc within the National Videogame Museum! For those of you who have found the secret exit, you may have encountered a bug where the game sends you to MAP02 of Doom II, opposed to the Atari Office’s. This was due to an issue with the way the PK3 Mapinfo file was setup, and has been corrected.”