Moving Out Release Date, Rumors, And News

Moving Out Release

Anyone who has had relationships strengthened or broken through co-op games like Overcooked will want to listen up. Moving Out is the latest game from Team 17, and it already looks like it will provide us with hours of laughter and frustration. 

Moving Out Release Date

Co-op party game Moving Out will release on April 28th, 2020 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And, unlike many other games releasing this year, it seems like we’ll actually get it on this date, not a delay in sight.

Moving Out Trailer

The trailer for Moving Out shows us a quirky little glimpse into what we can expect. It feels just like Overcooked in its design style as well as the frantic nature of the game itself, just minus an Onion King. While it doesn’t dive too deep into game mechanics, fans of Overcooked will recognize what’s going down.

Moving Out Gameplay

There have been a few gameplay videos floating around on YouTube for the last few months - we’re not sure if these will reflect the finished game perfectly, or if there have been many changes to the final product, but they give a good indication of what to expect. 

Each job is in a different location like Suburbs, Office, or Haunted House, and it’s your job to move everything out in the given time limit. Of course, the best way to enjoy this game is with a bit of couch co-op to really ramp up the fun and frustration. In multiplayer mode, some objects will be moveable by one person, and some will require you to work together.

You can throw items, smash through windows, and basically trash the entire place in the process - but as long as those items make it to the moving area in time, you’re golden. 

You can customize your character to your own desires, and even play as some kind of sentient toaster - so you know the silliness is rooted deep in this game. It also comes with a Dyslexia-friendly mode, making the game accessible to more people. 

Final Word

Whether you want to play alone or enlist the help of up to three friends, Moving Out is another great addition to the party game genre. The craziness of the gameplay, the quirkiness of the platform, and the absolute stress of trying to work together mean this should be another popular title from the makers of Overcooked.