MSI Is Gearing Up to Launch 240 Hz Optix MAG161 Portable Gaming Display

MSI Optix MAG161

Although we’re a few months out from January’s CES 2020, the expo is already dishing out awards. It has named MSI as an innovation award honoree for an upcoming portable gaming display dubbed the Optix MAG161.

MSI Optix MAG161

While there isn’t much to go on, MSI is hoping to bridge the gap between business and gaming with the Optix MAG 161. It’s a 15.6” IPS display with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, 3 ms GtG response time, 240 Hz refresh rate, and has HDMI and USB Type-C connectivity options. It’s 5 mm thick and comes with a protective casing that doubles as a stand.

The award blurb reads as follows; ‘Work smart and play hard, the Optix MAG161 is a culmination of development efforts towards creating a comprehensive, portable and powerful monitor designed for both gaming and business. Use the Optix MAG161 to work more efficiently and give yourself more game time.’

Portable Gaming Display

It’s not the first portable gaming display we’ve seen this year, though. ASUS unveiled the similar ROG Strix Go XG17 back in May, although the screen size was slightly bigger at 17.3”, and it includes a pair of 1 W speakers. It’s yet to hit the market, but ASUS is flogging the ROG Strix XG17 as a convenient portable display with all the features of a full size 240 Hz monitor.

Why CES opted to praise MSI and not ASUS for what is basically an identical protect remains unclear.

Final Word

We’ve yet to hear anything official from MSI, but we imagine the marketing push for the Optix MAG161 will follow a similar refrain of offering gamers a portable option that can connect to a gaming rig, laptop, console, and even smartphone for on-the-go gaming.

In any case, we should expect a proper announcement from MSI at CES and a launch not long afterward.

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