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MSI announces new QD-OLED curved monitor at Computex 2022

MSI tease with new QD-OLED curved gaming monitor

Updated: May 24, 2022 10:59 am
MSI announces new QD-OLED curved monitor at Computex 2022

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Computex 2022 has already unveiled some pretty exciting display tech this year, with NVIDIA announcing the world’s first ASUS 500Hz gaming monitor. However, news that has potentially snuck under the radar is MSI’s new QD-OLED gaming monitor?

While there was no unveiling of this monitor, MSI’s Computex virtual booth does showcase a picture of a new-look 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor labeled “MSI 342C QD-OLED”.

While there is little information regarding this display, we expect it to feature a large 1800R 34-inch curved 3440 x 1440 QD-OLED panel, 139% sRGB color gamut (99.3% DCI-P3/97.8% Adobe RGB), and color accuracy of DeltaE <2.

Further specs will most likely include a 175Hz refresh rate, low 0.1ms GTG response time, and, thanks to its MEG pedigree, a plethora of additional gaming-tailored features which include; KVM switch, smart crosshair, sound tune AI noise canceling, and more.

Gigabyte 342C QD OLED

MSI to take on Alienware with new QD-OLED 34-inch curved gaming monitor

Alienware went public with its own QD-OLED monitor back at CES 2022, coining it the world’s first QD-OLED gaming monitor. Since then, there haven’t been any announcements in regards to other QD-OLED monitors or TVs.

However, hidden away in the depths of MSI’s virtual booth, is a sneak peek of an upcoming monitor labeled the 342C QD-OLED. While there are no specifications available just yet, it looks incredibly similar to Alienware’s AW342DW.

Here’s what MSI had to say in its Computex virtual booth:

In the briefing, MSI published the following regarding the new technology; “The Next Playground – New MSI Gaming ProductsNew technologies are being released with new found performance and features, followed by new demands and interests from gamers around the world. This is why MSI is always pushing for the latest innovation and trying to improve the user experience. As such, MSI is releasing new products such as MEG 342C QD-OLED curved gaming monitor, MAG Trident S cloud gaming desktop, AMD X670E and X670 motherboards, MAG B660M MORTAR MAX WIFI DDR4 and WS WRX80 Motherboards, MEG Ai1300P / Ai1000P PCIE5 80 Plus Platinum PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0 ready power supply, and product concept to accommodate the demands of gamers.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye out for more information regarding this new QD-OLED monitor, however, it looks like a hugely exciting year for gaming monitor releases.

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