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MSI unveils WiFi 7 and 5GbEe LAN motherboards

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Updated: May 30, 2023 10:02 am
MSI unveils WiFi 7 and 5GbEe LAN motherboards

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In the next generation of connectivity to include in its motherboards, MSI is introducing new fast-speed mobos. The first for fast connectivity is the MSI Z790 ACE MAX motherboard. For the Intel LGA 1700 socket, it is a mid-gen upgrade to the series of motherboards, it is quite the top-end selection if it is a consideration for your build.

The MAX upgrade gives the mobo support for the new WiFi 7 spec along with 5GbE for ethernet. Whereas the standard Ace has dual 2.5 GbE and WiFi 6E support. So you certainly do get a boost in potential connectivity speeds for your system, although you’re going to need the setup to match with a compatible router, or local network to support it.

WiFi 7 offers up the 6GHz spectrum that allows peak rated over 40 Gbps, 4x greater than WiFi 6E. It also allows multi-link capabilities, modulation evolution, and flexible channel utilization. With the ethernet connection also doubling in the potential, although not many are likely to fill that range.

MSI z790 ACE MAX motherboard
MSI Z790 ACE MAX motherboard, source: Benchlife

MSI B650M Project Zero

The other motherboard on show is the MSI B650M Project Zero. This motherboard moves all of the connectors to the back of the board. Allowing for better cable management with non of the cable connectors coming in at the front, the side of the case with the glass panel is going to look sleek.

Although this does limit your PC case options, you’re going to need a compatible chassis to fit these in. But MSI builds its own systems so likely it will be able to accomplish that but for us builders, it will be a harder time to find the right parts to fit together. It does give it a nice clean finish either way though.

MSI B650M Project Zero
MSI B650M Project Zero, source: Benchlife

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