MSI Z490 Motherboards Leaked Revealing Details On MEG, MAG, And MPG Series

It looks like MSI has been keeping busy lately, especially due to the amount of news we are hearing about their new lineup on motherboards. It looks like MSI is due to launch at least seven different Z490 motherboards in the coming year and we now have some details on them. 

Recent leaks have revealed more details about the MSI range of motherboards, including the following four series. 

MAG Z490 Tomahawk

So far, we haven’t seen a MAG Z490 model but this leak sheds a light on the missing motherboard series. 

The MAG Tomahawk is an ATX form factor, entry-level motherboard that looks like it’s gone through the biggest change in design since the previous Z390 motherboard series. 


This MEG ACE motherboard is the second most powerful board from MSI. In fact, it’s part of the high-end MEG series at MSI.

In terms of connectivity, the MEG ACE motherboard has both 1 Gbe and 2.5 Gbe. 


MSI is also gearing up to release its Z490 version of the Gaming Carbon series. We already saw the Z390 model which featured carbon fiber texture throughout, so this will be an interesting update. Not a lot is known about this motherboard yet though. 


We’ve already seen glimpses about MSI’s Z490 GODLIKE motherboard but more details and images have recently been leaked. The GODLIKE is understandably the flagship motherboard which features pretty much everything that a motherboard can feature. 

This is the only MSI motherboard that features 10 Gbe ethernet, EATX form factor, an OLED screen, and an M.2 expansion slot. This motherboard will also reportedly support PCIe 4.0 so that’s worth bearing in mind too. 

At the moment, there isn’t any word on how much it’ll cost. However, it’s expected to cost more than Intel’s Core I9 10900K CPU.

If we hear any more updates regarding MSI’s motherboard range, including pricing or release dates, we will keep you up to date here.