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MultiVersus Harley Quinn Move List

Updated: Jul 28, 2022 11:30 am
MultiVersus Harley Quinn Move List

An uncontested S-Tier fighter in most players’ MultiVersus character tier list, the sassy Harley Quinn has an enviable move list.

If you’ve come up against the Gotham anti-hero, you’ll know exactly what we mean and then some.

Chances are she’s left you bruised and battered courtesy of her oversized mallet, bat, and arsenal of explosive.

Whether you’re looking to learn Harley Quinn’s move list to better counter her attacks or fancy adding her to your pool of characters, this guide breaks down all of this agile Assassin’s attacks.

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Harley Quinn Move List

Multiversus Harley Quinn Move List

Note that next each move we’ve listed the default input for MultVersus on both PlayStation and Xbox, in that order.

Harley Quinn – Attacks

Here, you’ll find a break down of Harley Quinn’s basic attack move list.


  • Whack! (Square/X) – Charge a mallet swing.
  • Clown Combo (Side + Square/X) – A combo of kicks and bat swings that ends with an upward swing.
  • Heads Up! (Up + Square/X) -Charge an overhead swing. A full charge will hit with a twirl before the swing.
  • Slider (Down + Square/X) – Charge a slide attack. Charging extends the distance of the slide. Press input again to combo into a forward kick.


  • Aerial Pummeler (Square/X) – Harley charges and swings her mallet beneath her. The hit is stronger in the latter half of the swing.
  • Flying Kicks (Side + Square/X) – A combo of kicks that ends with Harley bouncing back from her enemy.
  • Confetti Grenade (Up + Square/X) – Harley fires her grenade launcher overhead, dealing confetti debuff to enemies.
  • Boxing Ringer (Down + Square/X) – Charge and fire a boxing glove projectile down.

Harley Quinn – Specials

Here, you’ll find a break down of Harley Quinn’s specials move list. Note that for specials, there’s no distinction between ground and air, so these apply regardless of whether your airborne or not.

  • Stuffie Bat (Triangle/Y)- Equip a bat plush bomb. Press special and a direction to throw the bomb and attach it to fighters. Press input again to detonate the bomb: damaging and dealing a confetti debuff to enemies and refreshing allies’ air moves. All fighters are knocked back. Throw multiple bombs before a cooldown.
  • Prank Shot (Side + Triangle/Y) – Harley dashes forward, fires a boxing glove projectile behind her.
  • Batter Up (Up + Triangle/Y) – Harley dashes upward and delivers a powerful baseball bat swing.
  • Jerk-In-The-Box (Down + Triangle/Y) – Harley places a jack-in-the-box projectile that detonates when an enemy touches it, knocking them upward. Allies can activate it by jumping while next to the box. Enemies receive a confetti debuff, and allies have air options refreshed. Cooldown applies.

With a firm understanding of Harley Quinn’s Multiversus move list, it’s now a case of combining them to pretty much guaranteed devastating effect.


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