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Mystery Capcom countdown timer appears

Does it herald a new Street Fighter game?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 1:25 am
street fighter 35th anniversar

Street Fighter fans are likely to be on the edge of their seats. A webpage set up by Capcom is displaying a mysterious countdown timer. A big announcement from the company is sure to come when the countdown is over. This timer is set to hit zero in a little over five days, at the time of writing. As such, it will hit zero on Sunday, 20th February at 10pm PT / 1am ET.

The release window is especially interesting as it dovetails with Capcom’s Street Fighter Pro Tour’s season finale. While Capcom could pull something out of left field and announce another property, it feels a safe bet that the countdown will eventually reveal something Street Fighter related

Street Fighter 5, finally finished

Capcom’s on Street Fighter 5 is finally complete, with the final DLC character having been revealed as Luke. Said character is said to be ‘key’ to the series’ future. It seems a near certainty then that Luke will be on the next Street Fighter’s roster. Does the final Street Fighter 5 DLC essentially serve as a ‘coming soon’ for Street Fighter 6?

This year is the series’ 35th anniversary. Will Capcom mark the occasion my announcing a brand-new game in the Street Fighter series? It would certainly help to keep the series going strong; celebrating its history while moving into the future.

Capcom’s new golden age

This is a very successful time for Capcom. Many of their classic franchises are experiencing a resurgence in sales and popularity

Monster Hunter Rise’s sales number in the millions. Devil May Cry returned triumphant from a years-long hiatus with potentially the best title in the series. And the Resident Evil remakes have totally revitalised interest in the series, along with Village earning new accolades.

Capcom may wish to strike while the iron is hot. Titles like Guilty Gear Strive have drawn many new players into the fighting game arena of late. If Capcom want to make a splash, Street Fighter 6 would be arriving at just the right time.

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