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Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time

The Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time where you are

Updated: Jun 22, 2022 2:02 pm
Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time

The Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time on Xbox Game Pass is at 03:00AM on 23rd June 2022 regardless of your timezone. So that’s 3AM BST / EDT / CDT / PDT or whatever your current timezone is. This means New Zealand gamers will be the first to be able to play the title, and some will no doubt use the classic ‘New Zealand Trick’ and change their timezone for the purpose of getting to play the game early.

Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time for different editions

There are various different editions of Naraka Bladepoint coming out, but you’ll be glad to know that they are all being released simultaneously. Below is a list off all the different Editions and their prices.

Naraka Bladepoint Standard Edition


The Naraka Bladepoint Standard Edition price is $19.99 / £17.99 and it comes with the base game.

Naraka Bladepoint Deluxe Edition


The Naraka Bladepoint Deluxe Edition price is $34.99  / £30.99 and comes with the base game plus an exclusive speak skin and 10 Immortal Treasure given to the player 2 hours after first running the game. 

Naraka Bladepoint Ultimate Edition


The Naraka Bladepoint Ultimate Edition price is $49.99 / £45.99 and comes with teh base game, the contents of the Deluxe Edition, plus an exclusive outfit for the playable character Mitari, a unique grappling hook, digital art book and digital soundtrack.

Naraka Bladepoint DLC nonsense 

One thing to be careful of when looking at the DLC is the various upgrade packs: specifically the Deluxe Edition Upgrade and the Ultimate Edition Upgrade. These are both DLCs which supposedly upgrade the Naraka Bladepoint Standard Edition to that of the respective versions, however for some reason, unlike when you buy the Ultimate Edition Upgrade you do not get the features of the Deluxe Edition as well, meaning you have to buy both to get the equivalent features of if you bought the Naraka Bladepoint Ultimate Edition from the get go. The Deluxe Edition DLC effectively works as if you had bought the different version from the beginning however, so there’s nothing to worry about there.

Whichever edition you decide to pick, we hope you’re as excited about the Naraka Bladepoint Xbox release time as we are, we’re counting down the minutes!

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