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NBA 2k22 Demo Release Date

NBA 2k22 Demo Confirmed?

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What Is The NBA 2k22 demo release date? Has the NBA 2k22 Demo been canceled? read below to find out more.

When Is The NBA 2k22 Demo Release Date?

In answer to the question, when is the NBA 2k22 demo release date? It appears that unfortunately, the answer is – never! 🙁

Whilst we have not had official word from the publishers of NBA 2k22, there has been a leak (detailed below) that looks to be genuine, stating that 2K Games are forgoing the release of the demo in order to get the game ready for launch.

We’ll have to wait to get official confirmation of this from 2K themselves, in the meantime, read the below leak to judge for yourself.

No NBA 2k22 Demo? NBA 2k22 Demo Cancelled?

The below tweet from @2KIntel on Twitter indicates, sadly, that there may not be an NBA 2k22 demo likely to appear. @2KIntel has proven on the money with all their previous leaks so far, so even though this hasn’t been officially confirmed, it still doesn’t look good.

In a reply to this original tweet, @2KIntel said the reason for 2K Games “not to release the demo version this year” was because they wanted to “instead focus on creating fully-functional games of this generation and previous generations.”. Hopefully this means NBA 2K22 will be a full and polished experience when the full game does realease.

NBA 2K22 Trailer

NBA 2K22 Release Date

The full NBA 2K22 release date is scheduled for September 10, 2021.

You can read more about the NBA 2K22 release on our NBA 2K22 release date page.

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