NBA 2K22 Official Gameplay Footage Released

New NBA 2K22 game footage has been leaked, showcasing exactly what's in store for the new NBA season

Rui cover
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Anticipation for the latest NBA game is slowly starting to ramp up, with release dates, pre-orders, and now game footage being released in a meticulous marketing strategy.

Gameplay footage was leaked via various YouTubers in the last 24 hours, showcasing some of the game’s new features.

NBA 2K22 Gameplay Release

The footage was released at the Japanese NBA 2K22 event recently, depicting a short amount of actual gameplay and comments from the executive producer of NBA 2K22.

Whilst there isn’t a great deal of footage to go off, it does give us our first glimpse into what the game is going to look like.

Rui Cover Released

Alongside new game footage, Japanese gamers were also treated to the latest NBA 2K22 cover – displaying Rui Hachimura.

Rui Hachimura went on to state the following in regards to his arrival on the NBA 2K22 cover:

My dream has come true. I am very happy”

Rui cover

NBA 2K22 Latest Updates

Shortly after the event and the unveiling of the Rui cover, 2K Japan released this post on Twitter:

"The latest release of the series will be on 9/10 (Friday) 🎮✨

What a Japan limited
On the cover of the regular edition special package
Rui Hachimura (rui_8mura) is here 8⃣📢

Featuring Hachimura
Cover art will be lifted in August"