New DOOM Eternal Update

New DOOM Update Brings Seasonal Cosmetics And Minor Bug Fixes

DOOM Eternal Update
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The new DOOM Eternal update introduces us to Le Manc, a spooky, fall-Colored Pirate Mancubus skin, along with a few minor bug fixes. And ready yer cannons, me hearties,  because Le Manc teases an upcoming Halloween event.

New DOOM Update – Fall-Themed Cosmetics

The new DOOM update includes a new Master Collection, in which you can add Pirate Mancubus, officially named Le Manc, to your cosmetic booty. Adorned in deep red Captain’s garb and sporting a huge braided beard, Le Manc looks perhaps a little less gruesome than your usual Mancubus, but very season-appropriate. Still complete with his flame-throwing cannons, though, this Mancubus is just as menacing as you’d expect. We are yet to find out what upgrades are going to come with this new Master Collection, but Bethesda has teased that many more treasures are on their way in the upcoming Ghouls, Gourds and Galleons event. We’ll update you as soon as we have more details about this still-buried treasure.

Le Manc In New DOOM Eternal Update

DOOM Eternal 6.4 Update – Bug Fixes For All Platforms

In the meantime, Bethesda has fixed a minor bug across all platforms which caused the playable Marauder’s axe flame to show white flames instead of red/orange flame colors.

DOOM Eternal 6.4 Update – Other Changes For All Platforms

Also, the company has reverted the Main Menu music back to what it was at the game’s March 2020 launch.

DOOM Eternal 6.4 Update – Known Issues For All Platforms

Finally, Bethesda are currently aware of an issue, again across all platforms, which causes the Automap ambient sound effects to persist in game or in menus after the Dossier has been closed. They say that this is usually resolved on its own after a “brief duration,” but may return again later. They are currently working on a fix that will appear in a future update.

DOOM Eternal System Requirements

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