New Nintendo Switch controller patent may support N64 rumor

Nintendo Switch patent suggests new controller is on the way.

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Update on September 23, 2021: Nintendo have announced a Nintendo Direct that will happen tonight. If we see a Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online app, then we also expect to see this controller, provided our assumptions on what it is are correct.


It’s been pointed out by eagle eyed internet users that Nintendo has registered for a new patent with the American FCC, for a controller called HAC043. The listing doesn’t give much other information away, sadly, as the FCC has to keep the information on HAC043 a secret until at least March 16, 2022 because of their standard confidentiality agreement.

What do we know about the HAC043 Nintendo Switch controller patent?

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What we do know is that the HAC043 controller uses Bluetooth technology, so it’s probably wireless. Not much else to go on, from there. We currently think it’s likely to be a wireless controller replica of the classic Nintendo 64 controller, based on other rumors about the Nintendo Switch that have surfaced recently about Nintendo 64 software coming to the popular system.

That’s not too unlikely, if such an emulator is released. In fact, it would be the same thing that Kyoto-based Nintendo did when the SNES and NES replica controllers were released alongside those emulator apps and games making their debut on the hybrid console.

Some people think that HAC043 could be for a Nintendo Switch revision, but the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED makes it seem unlikely to be the case. There are already several patents for alternate Joy-Con designs, none of which have been used.

What is the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online rumor?

Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online

It’s currently rumoured that Nintendo 64 games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online before the end of the year. Most of the information of the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online rumor comes from youtuber and industry leaker NateHate, but had previously been hinted at by sources from Eurogamer.

If you’d like to read more about it, you can read our full article on the rumor here.