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Guardian Angels fly in to Among Us Cosmicube update

And InnerSloth want to take your money for Boba... But it's because they love you. Sus.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021 8:49 am
among us cosmicube update emergency meeting

In an emergency crewmate meeting tonight, InnerSloth really pushed the boundaries of just how much news you can fit into five minutes. If you were expecting a short update… think again. Here’s everything from the patch notes of the Among Us Cosmicube update.

Among Us Cosmicube update

among us cosmicube update emergency meeting

If you have previously ejected yourself from the lobbies of Among Us, it might be time to try and get yourself back on board. InnerSloth have announced the huge new Cosmicube update to the game which, frankly, changes everything you thought you knew about crewmates. Seems fitting.

Cosmicube Achievements

If you were watching the update video and thought it was some Kevin the Cube crossover with Fortnite, you weren’t alone. Alas, not yet, although a rumor is still circling. Instead, Cosmicubes are achievement roadmaps! That’s right, achievements are now in Among Us, and Cosmicubes open up a whole new world of Among Us progression.

Now, it’s hard to know where to start with this update news, as everything kind of intertwines. But cosmicubes now bring us to Beans and Stars, the new Among Us currencies. And if you’re brain is already frazzled, this is just a fraction of how insanely intense the five-minute annoucement video is.

Beans, Stars and opening Cosmicubes

among us cosmicube update emergency meeting

So, Beans are a free in-game currency which can be earned by completing tasks, killing crewmates and guessing correctly just how sus your crewmates are. With Beans, you will then be able to buy some cosmetic items from the new in-game shop, and you’ll be able to buy some Cosmicubes, which I guess are kind of like mini battle passes. For example, the Polus Cosmicube can be unlocked for 3,000 Beans, and as you complete Polus challenges, you will unlock new cosmetic items. Make sense so far?

Now, InnerSloth, my subheading is all in jest. I do really believe that you want our hard-earned money to make the game better. Game devs’ time ain’t free, after all. And that brings us to Stars, the paid-for Among Us currency. Stars co-exist with Beans, but will buy you exclusive, paid-for cosmetic items, and otherwise unobtainable Cosmicubes. For example, the Airship Cosmicube cannot be unlocked with Beans. Instead, it will set you back 90 Stars. This will then allow you to unlock even more cute hats and new visor accessories.

among us patch notes stars

Crewmate customization

And that brings me on to crewmate cosmetics. Among Us’ adorable little hats and pets have always been one of the most entertaining things to mess around with in InnerSloth’s social deduction game. They’ve kept us all busy as we’ve waited for our ship to dock, taking hilarious screenshots and fighting with our friends over who is going to get the red skin. Now, crewmate customization goes to a whole new level with so many more items to choose from, buy and earn, including those new visor accessories.

So, I think that’s part one of the Among Us Cosmicube Update kind of covered. Again, it was a lot in a very short time and is brain-melting. Like standing too close to that Polus lava pit.

Among Us patch notes — new roles

Forget Among Us as you once knew and loved it… the next incredible announcement is completely game-changing. New. Roles.

If you already found it hard enough to plead your innocence with just two roles, this update might not be for you. There are four new roles to help get you ejected for being helpful.


among us patch notes new roles scientist

The Scientist will carry around their own little vitals machine, and will be able to check it at any time, from anywhere in the map. This means you can tell as soon as someone is taken out. I’m not hugely sure how helpful this will be, but it will give you the chance to try and catch someone in the act, or deduce who the Imposter might be from their whereabouts at a certain time.


Engineers will be able to access vents. Yep. Well, if this isn’t just going to make crewmates look sus and give Imposters an excuse when they’re caught out. Surely it can’t be all negative? Engineers can at least travel across the map quickly, again potentially catching people red-handed. Especially when those doors start to get closed.


among us shapeshifter patch notes

The Shapeshifter Imposter role is pretty self-explanatory, really. As a Shapeshifter, you can take on the disguise of another crewmate. Perhaps one you’ve just killed, or someone you might want to pin the blame on. This is another great one for Imposters, especially anyone who always times it badly and gets caught out.

Guardian Angel

Finally, a new role that doesn’t aid the Imposters. The majestic Guardian Angel. This role is given randomly upon death, and allows you to protect the remaining crewmates. As a Guardian Angel, you can shield a fellow crewmate from death which, erm, kinda stuffs the Imposter up. As long as you can get to the big, red button in time…

Phew! That’s pretty much it, I think. But in case you’re unsure of anything in this patch notes run down, here’s the full five-minute announcement video.

Among Us patch notes — Cosmicube release time

Believe it or not, the Among Us Cosmicube update is live now. As in, someone hit the button at some point during the announcement. InnerSloth apparently don’t like to give us much warning.

Is Among Us on Xbox or PlayStation?

While, at the moment, you can only play the Among Us Cosmicube update on Switch, PC or mobile decides, the popular social deduction game is coming to Xbox and PlayStation just in time for Christmas. You can pre-order now, with the release date set as December 14th, 2021.

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