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New World Weapon Update: Banhammer just launched!

New World has just launched a new weapon, the Banhammer. Grab your weapon, seek and destroy gold dupers and reap the rewards.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022 3:15 pm
New World Banhammer

The team behind New World has just added a brand new weapon, the ‘Banhammer’ with a similar aesthetic to the Warhammer, once added to your satchel this weapon will automatically add a ‘seek and destroy’ quest as well as multiple live targets for you to destroy.

Your reward? Alongside the great satisfaction of destroying anyone who decided to take advantage of New World bugs, you will instantly receive 1,000 gold coins per bounty. Help Bezos rid this world of exploiters! Remember, using the ‘Banhammer’ is instant death for the target and no respawn, their corpse will lay where they lie forever as a reminder to any other future exploiters.

In all seriousness, after New World disabled coin transfer yesterday, word has spread on the Reddit sub that they have now begun to ban any user who took advantage of the gold dupes. A few Reddit users had some great ideas for punishments, including one of my favorites ‘permanent encumbrance’, and an exclusive title that shows they were part of the exploit.

Wondering if you have been banned? Well, maybe you deserve it. If you are worried though, just look out for the following image when you try to load up the game. Word on the street is if you click retry at least 1,000 times it automatically lets you back in.

Note: if you do think you have been banned by mistake, then you can appeal the ban here.

new world ban users gold dupe

As for the duration of the ban, no official answer on this yet, but it seems they may be permanent bans and so they should be.

Hopefully, coin transfer will be enabled again soon, I’ve got 80+ trades that are expiring soon!

2 thoughts on “New World Weapon Update: Banhammer just launched!”

  1. Sigma Balls

    If it was an in game exploit how is it considered cheating? Developers should be fixing bugs before they become problems lmfao not banning people for exploiting a shit build of a game that was never ready for release.

  2. C.C.

    So duping gold is bad (which it is), but creating multiple guilds under the same leadership to avoid taxes and also blatantly employing cheats to attack and kill people through walls (because they can’t actually win any wars otherwise) is A-OK.

    BTW, the “guild” I mean is Lima on the Olympus server. It’s why a lot of people consider Olympus almost unplayable unless you throw your lot in with the cheaters and join them.

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